C Reads

C loves books. We have tons of books, but do you know what’s better than all of our books? More books. Thank goodness for libraries. Here are the latest books we’ve borrowed:

The Cow Who Climbed The Tree by Gemma Merino was a fan favourite.  It’s a quick read about Tina the Cow who doesn’t stick to just doing what cows should. Ironically, the sisters who think she’s weird at the outset, who prefer to stay on the farm and eat grass also live inside a house. But that’s not the point.

C never let me get through If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff. Maybe it’s too long for her? It’s from the author of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie which I am now realizing I don’t think I’ve read cover to cover either.

Can Anybody Hear Me? by Jessica Meserve was controversial. While I wasn’t a fan of this book, it got a lot of attention at our house. I think both C and I felt we could identify with the protagonist who is seeking to find his voice and place in his family.

Maple, Maple & Willow Together, and Maple & Willow Apart by Lori Nichols

This four book series (the last, Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree was not borrowed) starts with Maple, a sweet story of the parents’ wish for a child, the birth of the main character, and then the arrival of her sister, Willow. It is the sweetest of the three book.

Together is by far the best book of the three we read, following the sisters through a fight to reconciliation, with subtle lessons built right in.

Apart skews a little more weird as suddenly both girls become dependent on a mutual imaginary friend to survive the transition of Maple starting school. But if you’re going to read one, you might as well read them all!

Steam Train, Dream Train, by Sherri Duskey Rinker of Good Night, Good Night Construction Site fame, brings another children’s bedtime book that C insists on reading anytime but bedtime. It’s sleep inducing rhythms wound have even been useful at naptime.

I Scream, Ice Cream: A Book of Wordles by Amy Krouse Rosenthal may top the list for worst books for a two year old. The premise of the book is just listing (and illustrating) short phrases that sound the same. For the record, “wordle” is an actual word, but it does not mean what Ms. Krouse Rosenthal posits (“phonetically identical phrases”) but rather “any of several pivoted pieces forming the throat of an adjustable die used in drawing wire or lead pipe” (thank you, Mierriam-Webster). I kept getting the feeling that the few times C insisted we read it, she was doing it mostly to irritate me, or maybe out of a sense of obligation. But the illustrations, by Serge Bloch were interesting.

Olivia Dances for Joy by Natalie Shaw was going to be a clear hit. Despite having Olivia for a year before she would even let us touch the book, as soon as she made it through the whole book, she became obsessed with Olivia. While she did insist on changing the names of all the characters to her friends and cousins (if we avoid dementia, it will be due to her brain exercises), she loved reading this one on repeat.

Oh the Little Miss and Mr books! They are exactly as you remember them from your childhood. Little Miss Shy learns to overcome social anxiety. Little Miss Lucky has a bad dream. Mr Busy is a busybody, both in terms of productivity and meddling in other’s affairs. Little Miss Sunshine singlehandedly makes happiness a civil requirement. While Little Miss Sunshine was an instant hit, the sleeper hit of the group was Mr Busy.

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2 thoughts on “C Reads

  1. Yay for toddler reads! I love getting ideas from other parents! I will say, Ollie loves If You Give a Pig a Pancake, we own a copy, but pancakes are literally his favorite food, so maybe that’s why? I’ve heard of the Steam Train, Dream Train book but we haven’t read it. I’ll add it to our list because the train obsession is real right now. Ollie’s loving a book called Small Elephant’s Bathtime and also one called Penguin that we got at the library on our last go round.

  2. My middle babe LOVES Steam Train Dream Train and has it basically memorized. It’s adorable.

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