Back to the Routine

I can’t remember the last “regular” week we had. There was the tenotomy, potty training, adjusting to the boots and bars, and finally the cold to end all colds. But we woke up one Wednesday and life was back to normal so we went back to the usual routine. 

We ate breakfast. Sure, someone insisted on having strawberries and the only strawberries we had were frozen, so we had smoothies. 

We got dressed and made our beds. Someone thought it was funny to crawl into mommy and daddy’s freshly made bed, so I laughed and crawled in there with her. 

We went downstairs to exercise but the tv wasn’t working quite right. We kept our cool, did some troubleshooting and managed to get to watch The Magic School Bus while we did our strength training. 

I got to shower in peace. 

We had enough time to go for a walk before lunch to mail some letters. 

No one cried over lunch options. 

And everyone agreed to nap. 

I know kids thrive on routine.  They do much better when they know what to expect. It shouldn’t surprise me that they were much better behaved. 

What did surprise me is how much better behaved I was. I didn’t get mad about messes made where I had just cleaned. I didn’t lose my temper when fighting with the tv downstairs. I literally rolled with it when C asked to stop at a store on our walk to look at toys. 

I felt like the type of mom I always wanted to be. 

I guess it isn’t just kids who thrive on routine!

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One thought on “Back to the Routine

  1. I will be the first to admit that I love that my kid thrives on routine because I do too. I hate that I like routine so much but it really does make me a happier person!

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