I know that it doesn’t constitute a REAL challenge. My sister’s decision to literally not say anything when I told her my accomplishment kind of revealed how the average parent does it weekly without much thought. But I had been stressing about how to do this since we found out that M would have CTEV back in July.

But I went grocery shopping. With both kids. And no help. And it was fun.

I can remember the first time Scott and I took C grocery shopping.  We carried in her carseat, and, knowing that the common practice of balancing the seat on top of the cart is a big no-no, placed it in the cart. And then we realized there was no room for groceries. Scott ran out to the car, grabbed the stroller and we made it through that first shop. From then on, I carried C in a baby carrier. It was a little complicated in winter, but I’d crawl into the backseat and put her in the carrier under my jacket before stepping out into the cold. It was also quite easy to keep her out of the poking and pinching fingers of the local elderly who are full of wonderful knowledge and judgement. 

But add casts into the mix, which made it hard to fit into snowsuit, the lack of space on the backseat to do an in-car carrier transfer and the fact I never really felt I mastered supporting her casts in a carrier, shopping alone with both kids didn’t happen. 

And then there are the boots and bar. Thank goodness for a removeable bar (which I had to fight for… and we’ll find out today whether I need to keep fighting for it) which makes it possible to get her safely into the carrier with just the boots and then reattached once safely in. We can’t get a super ergonomic seat and I find myself using a hand to support the weight of the bar but for the amount of time it takes to grocery shop, it’s doable. And if you remember, my motto is “doable and passable”. 

I still like going to the grocery store with just C for some time with my big girl, or by myself for a bit of a kid break, but considering it’s been 8 months of worrying, I am being thrilled that I managed to pull it off. 

It may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but it finally feels like I can be a functioning, independent parent and that is amazing to me. 

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  1. It is DEFINITELY worth a celebration! You’re kicking ass and taking names. I’m proud of you! Celebrate all you want, you deserve it!

  2. That is a huge deal and congratulations. I’ve always been intimidated taking my babes into the grocery store. With one baby, I preferred to just snap the car set into our stroller and use the underside of my stroller to stack things. Once I had two kids, I would do anything to get out of taking them both in and would often use my lunch hour at work to grocery shop (outside temperatures permitting). But you have the bigger challenge and you did it! Celebrate it with a solo trip to grocery store.

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