Friday Five

A few weeks ago, we severely limited the number of toys that C has upstairs. It seemed counterproductive. She was constantly complaining she was bored with her toys upstairs, and it is the area she plays in the most. Not only did it make our living room less chaotic, but it also unleashed this wildly imaginative child. Sometimes boredom must mean overstimulated!

C choose which kind of toys she wanted upstairs, and the rest were sent down. She knows if she wants to bring any other toys upstairs, she needs to choose something to go back down. Right now, here are her 5 top picks

  1. Old School McDonald’s Happy Meal Sesame Street toys: she calls these her “friends” and she is constantly carrying them around the house, building stores and playgrounds for them, or even reading them stories. She is uninterested in the TV show but loves the characters (though *crisis* Bert and Ernie are missing!!).


  2. Foam blocks: these were the #1 thing on her very first Christmas list and they look practically new (their storage bag has been repaired a few times). She loves to knock over towers (aka “kaboom castles”), and I love that they are quiet and pain-free.


  3. Doug & Melissa Pancake Set: this kid, like most kids, loves pancakes. She is always playing restaurant with her bear Bobo, who doesn’t seem to mind that the only variation in the menu is whether she serves them with butter, blueberries, bananas or chocolate chips.
  4. Baby: A must for any child transitioning from only child status, C mimics whatever I’m doing with her baby sister. It’s hilarious to watch her burp her baby, and I’m constantly finding baby napping in the strangest places. It’s also a good mirror to see how I’m spending my time (apparently I tend to feed Madeline while I’m eating breakfast and sitting on my phone).


  5. Necklaces: I worry about this one, given the strangulation hazard, but I might as well be honest and say that C is obsessed with beaded necklaces. She rarely has them around her neck, but usually other body parts, pretending they are bathing suits or triceratops or something else equally as bizarre.


My favourite thing about this list is that not a single item on this list requires batteries, has flashing lights, or makes obnoxious sounds. Instead, I get to listen to the wildly crazy tales C tells, the songs she sings and the theories she has that make her the incredibly funny, smart, and weird kid that I love.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I had those exact Sesame Street toys! I specifically remember the artist Big Bird! And Ollie’s the same, he likes to play with any themed toys or read books about SS, but he’s not that interested in the show. Though I can get him to watch old Kermit videos on YouTube which my Muppet heart loves. I’ve kept meaning to get him the foam blocks too, I think he’d like those and like you, I’d like that they are quiet.

    • We got big into Mah Nà Mah Nà this weekend. It lead to C wanting to watch a full episode (well, full being the new 30 minute episodes), and then another, but was heartbroken because it turns out Super Grover may be a toy she has, and may have been in that episode she watched, but Super Grover isn’t always Super and apparently normal Grover isn’t as fun.

  2. This a great idea and one we’re trying to enforce. We’re trying to keep all of the toys upstairs and out of the living room, but they’re in the living room so much. My kids are older than yours, but I’m trying to enforce a rule that what they bring up, must go back up before either they leave for school or go to bed. If they don’t, the toy goes into a box which goes up on a high shelf and remains there for 3 days. And I hear you about no noise-making battery-operated toys. I love Melissa and Doug for that–I know I’m always mentioning podcasts, but the How I Built This episode featuring the two of them and their ideas behind their business made me love them even more. I wish I would have known about those foam blocks before I bought all of the noisy wooden ones.

    • I really wish that I could get into podcasts, but years of being in a car with my mom listening to talk radio induces instant sleepiness when I start one! Melissa and Doug have an annoying toy or two in their arsenal (we have an animal puzzle that makes animals sounds, and is some how triggered by turning on the lights in our basement) but at least they seem to have a good education purpose to their racket!

  3. Kaboom castles- I love it!! My kids love those foam blocks also. Super win!

    • I love kabooming castles. It’s a phrase from Play Nice, Hercules, a book from the Mini Myths series for kids. We also whomp-stomp bad guys and wham-bam monsters. They are very loosely based on myths, but have catchy phrases in them. We lost Don’t Get Lost, Odysseus (ironic!) so it took us weeks to discover that’s where “Woohoo! I’m the Captain!” came from, when C was shouting that at the top of her lungs.

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