Quiet Time

Heading into this time change, C wasn’t napping. And when she was, she would fall asleep between 2:30 and 3:00. I would wake her up by 4:45 because late naps are ridiculous. 

Usually when a time change is coming up, I slowly adjust schedules over a week or two, but I just didn’t have it together to do that this time. Plus attempts to move C’s nap earlier a month before had started the nap strike. For the sake of bedtime, which would now be an hour earlier “body time,” the first few days we just ignored naps. 

But that was starting to drive me mad. I need my mid-day break (even if I can’t magically make both kids nap at the same time, being able to focus on just one is a break some days!)

Instead of insisting on a nap after lunch, we tried quiet time, immediately after lunch. The rules were simple: do whatever you want, as long as you are in bed and I don’t hear you. 

The first day went all right, at least so I thought, until I went to let her out and discovered her standing awkwardly on her bed. She had pooped in her diaper because she didn’t think she was allowed to call to me to go to the bathroom. Whoops! 

The second day, I checked on her at 1:45, forty five minutes into her 1 hour of quiet time, and she was asleep. 

The third day, she asked for quiet time at 12:30. 

It turns out I had been starting nap too late. She had been a terror at lunch every day, so maybe that had been the optimum time for a nap. Her attitude is also different because we aren’t forcing her to sleep, she chooses to sleep.

It’s not a perfect system. She misses naps on Mondays because we’re out of the house until close to three. Sometimes I’m busy with M during her peak tired time. And sometimes she just is so quiet I think she’s sleeping but is just reading. But in any event, having that hour of relative quiet, even without sleep, does us both good. 

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2 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. I think we’re going to be instituting “quiet time” starting next weekend. Both days were a fight to get him to nap then he fell asleep late and I had to do the waking up like you. I am not sure if we’re transitioning out of naps or what, but I think if I just tell him he has to stay in bed and do whatever, I’ll still get a break, he’ll get rest whether he sleeps or not and everyone wins. I hope anyway! I am not ready for naptime to be 100% gone!

  2. Naps are so important, especially for the mother. I’ve never been good on getting my kids to nap on a schedule which surprises me because they go to pre-school/after-school which requires them to all nap at a certain time. Getting them to nap at the same time seems impossible, but when it does happen I get so excited I don’t even know what to do with my time. Do whatever you can do to enforce quiet time and don’t feel bad about the poopy diaper. We’ve all had moments like that.

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