Friday Five #2: Sleep Deprivation Strategies

I’m averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night ever since Madeline discovered how to roll onto her belly but not how to roll back. I’d been getting about 6 the before that when C was fighting a fever and would wake up inconsolable. And somewhere in my memory is the feeling of getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, yes, even with two kids. 

While coffee has been the life blood of sleep deprived parents for centuries, the jitters, tachycardia and stomach cramps that I get when I drink coffee with any regularity just don’t make it worthwhile. Here are my current strategies for getting through the day with a modicum of sanity. 

  1. Get out: the house has beds, couches and blankets but had outside has nowhere for you to accidentally fall asleep. It’s not recommended to fall asleep in Superstore or that puddle beside the swingset in the backyard. 
  2. Get moving: it’s also hard to fall asleep when moving. Whether it’s a full workout or a quick walk, exercise gets your heart moving, making it hard fall asleep
  3. Sugar-load: if coffee isn’t an option, there is always a giant bag of skittles. Hey, no one said this list was going to be healthy. Be sure to pace yourself to avoid the sugar crash. 
  4. Call in backup: can’t sleep if company is over. Invite a friend over. If there are no germs, have it be someone with a kid, because heaven knows your kid is getting less and less positive attention when you’re getting less and less sleep. 
  5. Stop counting the hours of sleep you got and start counting the hours until the weekend when someone else will be around to take the kids for a walk and let you nap. 
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3 thoughts on “Friday Five #2: Sleep Deprivation Strategies

  1. I agree so much on the KEEP MOVING concept. I still find that to be true even now, after a long day of work if I just crash on the couch right away when I get home with Ollie I get tired and sluggish. If I keep moving and doing things – even just playing with him or doing household chores, I don’t end up as tired!

  2. This is a great concise list!! Stick it out- sleep will come, I promise!

  3. With all the years of late night studying and brief writing and everything, I did not really understand true sleep deprivation until I became a parent. I don’t think I could survive without coffee. My only coping strategy was to get a job outside of the home that doesn’t really require too much thought and then just hide behind my computer screen. Hang in there. I hear we get to sleep in like 15 years or something.

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