Currently: In April

We made it to spring. Sure, we’re still dealing with the whole “winter jackets are too warm, spring coats are too light” situation, but these struggles are ones I can handle. Thanks to Jess and Anne for another month! Currently, in April, I am:


…accomplishing: absolutely nothing. We are heavy into what I’m hoping is a temporary sleep regression but it started to feel like a permanent change where Miss M wakes up every 25-45 minutes. All freaking night. I know it’s likely something to do with rolling, and dropping a nap, and probably teeth (because that’s the go to excuse all parents use), but the reason we know she’s awake isn’t the crying (though that does come too!), but the sound of her braces’ bar hitting the crib rails as she slams her feet around, is making me blame the boots and bars for her lack of sleep (despite that not actually being the reason). So yes, my goal for each day is simply to get through the day without causing too much emotional and psychological damage to my children. It doesn’t always get accomplished.

…feeling: overwhelmed. I spent some time with my work girls and hearing about what’s been happening in our office and what the plan is for when I return has made me start to question whether that path is the one I really want to go down. I did sign a contract to return for about 8 months after my mat leave, and I know I was settled and happy by the end of those  months last time. But at the same time, I keep thinking: “I have to figure out what I want to do with my life before everyone else decides it for me”.

…needing: some “me” time. The closest I’m getting this week was a doctor’s appointment on Monday and my sister’s friend’s natural cleaning product party on Thursday night. Both of those fall under “obligation” more than “me” time. It takes so much work to get bottles as a casual pumper that it is almost less stressful to stay home than worry about finding the time to pump, and then worrying about whether I’ve pumped enough.

…practicing: healthy living habits. There is an ad on The CityTV app that encourages 60 minutes of physical activity a day not just for kids but the whole family. My initial thought was that it seemed excessive to expect that of adults, but then I realized that if adults don’t do it, how can we expect our kids to mirror it? So we have started going for a walk every day. Sometimes it’s to run some errands. Sometimes it’s around the neighbourhood. Sometimes it’s to the park to play.

…pinning: all kinds of beet recipes. I’m in charge of bringing a vegetable dish to my parents’ place for Easter that will go with pierogies and ham. While beets are typically more of fall vegetable in terms of their growth pattern, their fresh taste and bright colour (not to mention traditional pairing with the aforementioned foods) seem very spring-like to me. I haven’t narrowed down whether I’m going fresh or roasted.

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6 thoughts on “Currently: In April

  1. I’m so sorry it’s been rough in the sleep department! I hope it starts to improve soon. I remember how some of those nights could get pretty rough around her age and I am sure that having the boots on at night does not help! I also hope you get some good you time soon. And good for you on the physical activity – that is something I need to work on!

  2. Its easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted when you’ve got a baby who won’t sleep through the night. Sleep is always something I lack but now it’s by choice; my me time is from 4-6am. I take this quiet alone time over the sleep 5 days a week 😉 I hope you are able to figure out the work situation soon.

  3. Oh no, hang in there! Sleep regressions are the worst, but that sounds like really the worst. Hope you get some time to yourself, and some resolution on your mental stresses, soon!

  4. I really hope that things get brighter during this month. I always feel like walking outdoors really lifts my mood. It might also count as a bit of “me time” even when you’re pushing the stroller. Sunshine, fresh air, and exercise all clear the head. Maybe you’ll get a little direction for your job thoughts, too.

  5. Lauren Becker

    Good luck with getting out and exercising more! I need to start walking more, but I’m doing well on eating healthy. Sorry you’re looking for more “me” time. It can be difficult to find, but I hope you figure something out. 🙂


  6. Ugh the rolling. Jona was a really late roller and never really did it at night, so the whole roll over in her sleep and then wake up mad was new for us. Now Violet has just decided to roll over and become a tummy sleeper, which kind of freaked me out at first, but I’m not going to go in there and wake her up, that’s for sure. So here’s hoping that Miss M decides that sleeping is better than rolling here soon! And I’m so with you on the me time… I feel like there’s never enough time in the day!! Sending sleepy vibes your little girl’s way! 🙂

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