Five Things Friday #2

I got 7 hours of sleep last night. I’m pretty sure it was a fluke but I enjoyed spending the day not relying on caffeine, hoping to sync the kids naps so I could have a nap of my own and counting down the hours until Scott came home. As a result, it was a pretty good day on all accounts. But the top 5 things today were:

  1. Having a few minutes to shift out of productive mode and into fun mode. C crawled up on the bed just as I started making it, and so I crawled in with her and we took turns playing “sleeping” which pretty much is just one of us closing our eyes and the other kissing us awake and shouting “good morning!” It’s simply, but a nice way to get snuggles from a girl who has never been big into snuggles. 
  2. Getting all the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away all on the same day. I hate laundry and we are notorious for not putting away baskets full of folded laundry. And even if your house is littered with clean laundry, it’s still a mess. 
  3. If we want to play at the park with all C’s cousins, we have to wait until what my sister referred to as “prime supper making time”.  While it’s not the 1950s and I don’t feel I have to have supper on the table when Scott walks in the door, I did take advantage of the fact I had a frying pan out for lunch to start some sausage cooking for pizza for supper. 
  4. My sweet M had what I call a “big girl nap” this morning: a nap that last longer than one sleep cycle and doesn’t need anyone to help her fall asleep or stay asleep. 
  5. C is fairly motivated to do things when she learns they are “big girl things” so we’ve been working on getting her to do some “chores”. She knows after she asks to be excused from the table, she has to take her dishes to the dishwasher. After supper, she also has to pick her toys off the floor and “help” sweep. Considering just a few days ago when we’d ask her to pick up her toys she’d say “no! It’s not my job, it’s your job!”, we are very pleased with how excited and proud she is to do her “big girl jobs”. 

I think this is the first Friday in a while I feel like I don’t need the weekend to catch up on sleep, laundry and cleaning. I think we’ll actually get to do what we want for the first time in a while!

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One thought on “Five Things Friday #2

  1. Those are all wonderful things – Ollie likes to play the sleep/wake game too. He loves it!

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