Five Things Friday

I am a big planner. I’m not always a doer. But here is what I want to accomplish this summer in our backyard:

  1. Build two 3’x5′ raised beds for a square foot gardens, rather than buying a CSA (community supported agriculture) share this year 
  2. Remove one garden and one random area of wood chips and put in grass
  3. Replace the hose facet in the back so we don’t have to go inside to turn it on and off (or have crazy expensive water bills from its leak at the tap outside)
  4. Turn the crappy sandbox under our play structure into a play house
  5. Come up with a plan for the area behind our garage. There is a utility box and a very dilapidated fence so those need to be reworked so we can use the space without worrying about the kids getting into anything. 

I love that I can be planning summer projects, outside, without a jacket! It’s going to be cold and rainy all weekend so I’m soaking up the sun while I can!

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One thought on “Five Things Friday

  1. We have a crappy sandbox also- our neighbors’ cats poop in there 😳 What do you think you’ll build your beds out of??

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