Five Things Friday

I’ve got this mental block where I am excessively reluctant to leave my baby’s side until they are no longer reliant on me for every ounce of nutrition. That means I spend 6 months having most of my “me” time happening in short little bursts — trips to Home Depot, dentist appointments, etc. But guess what’s coming up? Ah yes, the introduction of solid foods.

Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to doing oh so soon (even though I know I could have been doing them all along)

  1. Haircut. I made these a priority when C was born, but with longer hair, it wasn’t as much of an issue with M. I had to miss my last appointment because… hmm… I might have actually still been in the hospital (babies don’t follow schedules, now, do they?) so it’s been growing since September. I’ve got one booked for tomorrow. 
  2. Pedicure. It became a running joke with the staff at M’s pediatric orthopaedic surgeon’s office about how I spent so much time looking after her feet that she’s going to owe me a lot of pedicures. Plus, a pedicure was one more thing I wanted to get done before she was born.
  3. More time out with friends. I met up with a friend earlier this week for supper and the world didn’t fall apart. 
  4. Going for a run. Ok, this one is more to do with it finally getting closer to what I consider running weather, but now what M is older, I feel like I could go for longer runs. You know, if I had been hitting the treadmill over the last 6 months instead of hitting the couch. (Is it crazy that I want to bring Charlotte with me, though?)
  5. Out with Scott somewhere. His parents are great in that whenever we show up in Brandon, we ditch the kids with them for an hour and grab lunch. But that’s an hour every couple of months. We always say we’re going to get my parents to babysit in the evenings now that they’re not also on daytime duty, but they’re over at our house often enough for swimming, or dentist appointments, or library time. We still feel super guilty about asking for more from them.
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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. YES to me time!! You need it!! But I get it. I would have to pump extra if I was going to be away from Ollie for more than just work and that was not exactly fun. So I don’t blame you for not wanting to be gone long right now. But I’m glad you’ll be able to more of that soon! You deserve it!

    • Ugh, pumping. When I was getting bottles ready for casting appointments, pumping was easy. Now that I pump on an as needed basis (like once every week or two), it’s an all day mission to get a full bottle. But I figure if I go out regularly, I’ll have to pump regularly, so I’ll hopefully get back into the rhythm of it!

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