Five Things Friday

I don’t know why I’ve started thinking that it’s Mother’s Day weekend and not just one day. I’m pretty sure my family will indulge me in it. So here are the five things I want to do this weekend 

  1. Build a raised garden bed (because I like checking things off on my to-do list)
  2. Go for a run (either alone or with my big kid, since the little kid isn’t quite old enough yet)
  3. Take my big kid on a date 
  4. Snuggle my baby through an entire nap
  5. Take lots of pictures 

There’s a lot of stuff to do around the house and yard, church, and a barbecue to host for my family on Sunday so I don’t know how many things I’ll get to do. But as long as I can check off a couple of them, I’ll be pretty happy!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I hope you got to do some of those things! I also treated Mother’s Day as being an entire weekend and not just one day. We deserve it, lol!

  2. I hope you were able to do some of those things. Nap snuggles are pretty great, and I want to soak them up now when I can since they don’t happen as much these days! Yes to Mother’s Day being the whole weekend–I’m okay with that!

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