Time Alone with my Girls

For the last four weeks, C has gone off with my mom on Friday mornings, leaving just M and I for a few hours. It has been wonderful because sometimes it’s easier to just have to clip one set of seatbelt harnesses every time you get in and out of the car when your errands require half a dozen 5 minute or less trips between stores. And I was so pumped to have M with me since she seemed so easy to cart around (would have been even easier if she could still use her bucket car seat since it snaps onto our stroller but alas, the bar didn’t fit in it). 
But it was great! I drove halfway across the city and she napped. And then I browsed a thrift shop without having to constantly yell “don’t touch that! Don’t touch that!”  And I didn’t need to stop to let anyone go potty, or remember to bring snacks. No one was put out when I stopped for coffee and didn’t buy a cake pop. 

But by the fourth week, I was surprised at how much I wished I could have equal time with my big girl. She can support her body enough to take for a run in the stroller. I could take her out for coffee and so long as i gave her a cake pop, we could sit and enjoy some time in the coffee shop. 

C’s library programming that she attends with my mom and my nephew keeps going for another two weeks but Madeline and I will be starting fitness on the same morning this week so there won’t be the same  sense of freedom. In a way, I’m sad that I won’t have those few hours to spend with just my little girl. But at the same time I’m glad, because I will have to take more effort to plan out time to spend with just one kid, and hopefully I’ll be able to split that time more evenly between the two. 

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2 thoughts on “Time Alone with my Girls

  1. There are times I miss when Ollie was just in his infant seat all the time and you know, couldn’t ask for toys every time we go to the store. But then again, I had a great coffee date with just him a couple of months ago and while frustrating sometimes, he’s a neat kid with a neat personality. So I totally get it. I hope you can balance it out so you have time with both your girls!

  2. So nice to have one on one time with them- for you and for them. I hope you can work out some special time with C soon!

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