Five Things Friday Summer Plans

It’s a quiet overcast Thursday afternoon and I have managed to nap with both my girls (snuggles in bed with C was significantly more restful than nodding off in M’s glider). That is how grey days should be spent.  But, of course, when planning summer activities, we usually only think about the sunny days. I’m ok with that. The grey days are for taking it easy. But the sunny days? Here’s what I want to do:

  1. Go to a variety of beaches. There are so many lakes around here. While Bird’s Hill Park is a favourite, I’d like to check out Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake too. 
  2. Go camping. That’s a near yearly tradition, and since we go with my family, that weekend has been booked since January (while I was still sleep deprived enough to not realize I would be taking an 8 month old with me. 
  3. Grow our veggies. Last year we took part in a CSA (community supported agriculture) that provided us with a box of veggies every week. It was good, but wasn’t tailored to our tastes so this year, we’re going to try growing ourselves. I’ve built and planned 30 sq ft of raised beds to grow carrots, peas, tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs and so much more. But no zucchini. I’ve rarely had success at gardening so this “go big” strategy might fail but maybe having invested that kind of money in it will give me the push I need to keep it up. 
  4. Go to the zoo. We have memberships so this shouldn’t be too hard to convince us to do. They also have an animatronic dinosaur exhibit for the second summer and C promises is that this year, she won’t be scared of it. 
  5. Get some projects done. I have a doll house sitting in my garage that needs refinishing. I’ve promised C we’d turn her play structure into a castle. And building those raised beds made me realize I don’t hate building things when I get to use power tools. 

Thanks, Beth, for posting your Summer Bucket List. Mine may not be as long (or as pretty) but I’m sure it will still keep us busy. 

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday Summer Plans

  1. I still love your list! It doesn’t have to be long or fancy! And we’re totally growing veggies and skipping the CSA this year too – so we can still compare notes! Yes to beaches and camping and sadly, projects. I don’t want to do a ton of projects this summer but as you saw on my list I have at least one that has to be done.

  2. This is a great list! I wish we had a beach nearby that we could visit. That probably won’t happen this summer, but I do hope we at least make it to the zoo!

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