Giving the Bar A Boot (CTEV update)

Last week, M got approval to go down to nighttime wear for her boots (BNB). While we had figured out all of the tips and tricks by the end of the 3 months of full-time wear, I couldn’t wait to move forward with our lives. On the drive home, even the grass lining the roads seemed so much greener. That afternoon, M was so smiley and happy, and even carrying her around felt so much lighter and not just because she was missing 15 ounces of orthopaedic device.  And then I went to grab a drink and when I came back I started bouncing M on my knee, thinking to myself about how wonderful life was going to be.

Until I realized every bounce squished poop up out of her diaper and all over me. Welcome back to reality, Cara!

In all seriousness, there are some decided benefits to M being out of boots during the day. When we go to the park, I put her in the swing, I can hold her on the teeter-totter. When she’s in a baby carrier I won’t have to counteract the weight of the bar. I can use any of my carriers, and even put her on my back in them now. I can dress her in anything I want since we’re no longer having to dress around a bar.

Now we have new challenges.  She has no idea how to sleep without her boots on. Having untethered legs have sort of re-started her moro reflex only with her legs and not her arms. Her feet swell during the day in the heat, and so we have get them cooled down before we can put her boots on. And while she is currently thrilled when she sees her boots, since they are her favourite thing to chew on, we’re also starting to see the start of her getting frustrated with having her freedom during the day and not at night.

But the biggest challenge for me? It’s realizing that I thought it would be easier once we were done casts and full-time wear. I thought that moving down to nights only would be a significant and meaningful transition that would finally make me be able to put this all behind me. But with part-time bracing until 5, and semi-annual and then annual appointments until 16, we have years to go until it’s no longer an issue. I’d always told myself the first six months would be the hardest, and while that is, no doubt, true, it doesn’t make the next six months easy.

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6 thoughts on “Giving the Bar A Boot (CTEV update)

  1. Is it too cliche to say one step forward, two steps back? But seriously I think it makes sense, you’ll always kind of be one step forward in a new transition, but there will always be kind of a step backward too. For your babywearing love though I’m so happy you can use your carriers now! I’m sure that much is worth celebrating.

    • OH my goodness, the baby carriers. She doesn’t love them as much as me, but I’m still getting so much use out of them. In about 10 minutes, once we know for sure the big one is napping, we’re going back outside to finish gardening. We’re at the grass grabbing stage, so it’s going to save me so many finger swipes in the mouth!

  2. Oh Cara, I’m sorry that this has been so hard–as if being a mom of two little ones isn’t hard enough!! I’m glad that there are some good things that come your way with the transition, but it sounds like the change is definitely not easy.
    I had to laugh over the knee bounce poop squish though–I’ve been there. I sometimes call Violet the “blowout queen”. Yikes. Thanks for sharing the update (I mean in general, not just the poop…ha!).

    • The good news is that, like every other stage, we learn, we adapt and we get into a good rhythm. Things are definitely getting much easier now. Sure, it took three tries to get her down for her nap this morning, but every baby has days like that. We’re definitely getting into our groove now, thank goodness.
      But the poop story, as gross as it was, made me smile so hard that day… and then next day… and the day after because I really love those moments when my struggles with her are the completely normal, run of the mill baby struggles.

  3. Does this explain why you were able to get both babies in the grocery store child seat? No boots? It is exciting that she’ll now get to be in the swing too. I look forward to when you tell us she’s out of the boots entirely. You both deserve it. And I laughed at the poop story. We’ve all been there.

    • It is why she could suddenly sit in a cart! I’m not sure she liked it though. She usually likes a little more space between her and big sis! Think blogs will still be a thing in 2021? If they are, you can guarantee I’ll post about it!

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