Five Things Friday

I’m stuck in a rocking chair trying to get M to sleep. It’s not working. And while part of me thinks that I should appreciate the time to gaze adoringly at her, since she is gazing adoringly at me but my head keeps making to do lists, which only serve to aggregate me by reminding me that evenings are generally my most productive time of the day. So in the hope that writing it down will help get it out of my head, here are the top 5 things I’d like to be doing right now:

  1. Watering the front garden. My plants are not tolerating the heat given they were just planted in the last week
  2. Drinking the can of Coke I opened at 6:30 in order to give me enough energy to get through bedtime, and that was assuming it was an easy bedtime.
  3. Saying goodnight to C. I’m usually out of M’s room when Scott is partway through C’s bedtime routine so I get in a quick kiss and cuddle. But tonight, I’ve missed that window and as luck would have it, C went to sleep quickly and easily.
  4. Going to the bathroom. 90 minutes ago, I didn’t have to pee.
  5. Going to bed. Seriously, kid. It’s almost past my bedtime, especially if you’re going to decide the day starts at 5:45. It’s 9:15 and I still need to make the chicken satay marinade I promised your sister after she read about it in an Oliva book (despite knowing that it will go over about as well as the Brussels sprouts did, though that did teach me the proper spelling of the cruciferous vegetable)

Fine. I’ll gaze at you adoringly as you coo along to your lullaby. And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch you peacefully drift off to sleep and it will calm my brain down enough to enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Best five things ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope it was only a minute or two after this that you got to do those five things!!

  2. I seriously hope you were able to at least pee, ha! I know those moments too well. It’s why we say there’s a reason God made them cute, lol.

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