Popping Up In Your Browser

Hi People!

My sister recently sent this image to me:

While I tried to write it off as an infected iPhone issue (I assume every piece of technology my sister touches eventually turns into a virus-ridden antiquated door stop, even if her track record of that ended quite some time ago), a few checks here and there and sure enough, mobile browsers have to deal with super annoying fake looking ads. Sorry guys, I guess now you know I’m C-H-E-A-P. SO here are a few questions to see if it’s worth my while upgrading to disable the ads

  1. Do you read this blog on your phone?
  2. Do you use an RSS reader as your primary means of reading it?
  3. How annoying are the ads on here? 
  4. Do you pay the monthly fee for your blog to disable ads?


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2 thoughts on “Popping Up In Your Browser

  1. I haven’t encountered this because I read your blog on my computer mostly. And I just punch in the URL instead of an RSS feed. And the ads I do see are at the bottom of the page and don’t bother me. And now I need to check and see what we have for ads on my blog because I am pretty sure we aren’t paying for no ads, but we are self hosted, so I have no idea. I’ll get my web guru on it (Nate).

  2. I usually read from my email- and click the link to comment. I’ve never seen that, but I don’t know if Rd because I go through my gmail app to get to you? Sorry if that wasn’t helpful. Or hooray! If it was.

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