Five Things Friday

This week was not a stunning example of the type of mother I want to be. And of course, reading Today Will Be Different by Marie Semple (review coming) simultaneously made me feel like falling short is both normal and something so appalling that your life will fall apart if you don’t deal with it. So on that theme, here’s how things are going to be different next week

  1. I’m going to get up earlier so I can have a better breakfast with my girls and maybe feel a little less rushed to start the day (plus then I can maybe make C something other than PB&J for breakfast so when she refuses to eat lunch, I can resort to that without feeling like it’s all she every eats).
  2. I will let C know the plan for the day so she is less thrown off by the transitions between activities. Plus, it will give me a reason to make sure I follow through on my to-do list.
  3. I will make sure I eat lunch and drink enough water because a hungry mama is a grumpy mama. And “whatever C doesn’t eat” is not considered a meal.
  4. I will make cleaning up part of every activity, including meals. Not only will this make for a cleaner, calmer house, it will also enable us to spend more time together as a family in the evening before bed. I’ll also incorporate C into making and cleaning meals so there is less of a likelihood of her crying in the living room: “But who will play with me?!?!”
  5. I will go to bed earlier so I am more well-rested (she says typing this 20 minutes after my bedtime)
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7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I will say telling C the plan for the day is a good idea. We started doing that with Ollie and it really does help him handle whatever comes at him that day a little more easily. And if we don’t 100% know the plan for a given day we tell him that too, that today we’re not sure what’s going on but we’ll figure it out. I hope next week is a better week! ❤

    • C’s been fighting bedtime lately, and the best way to get her to calm down is to tell her she doesn’t have to sleep and that she should spend the time thinking about what we should do tomorrow. Works every time, and she always brings it up at breakfast so that one might be the easiest one yet!

  2. I think these are all great things. I like the idea of telling C the day’s plans–we need to do a better job of that with Jona. Transitions are rough around here. I could also do a better job with cleaning throughout the day.

  3. 3. All day.

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