Whispering “Mom”

Nothing screams “mom” more than blasting Fred Penner through your stereo speakers with all the windows rolled down in the middle of a car dealership when they are showing you how easily your phone connects to the car with Apple CarPlay and that is the last thing that was played on your phone.

You can do it if you try,
You can do it if you try,
You can do do doodly do it if you try

I like to pretend that unless I have a kid hanging off of me, I’m not so obviously a mom. There is enough grey hair on my head that I can’t pretend I’m the babysitter, but I still like to sometimes go out, with or without kids, and not feel as though my look screams “I had 5 hours of sleep last night, I can’t remember when I last showered and despite doing laundry every day for the last week, I don’t have any clean clothes” as much as that may be true on every.single.day.

So I’ve got cheats that I use, whether it’s a list of pre-made outfits that look pulled together but are washable, nursable and most importantly, comfortable, or whether its makeup that attempts to disguise the bags under my eyes or, if nothing else, distracts from them, or whether it’s an accessory that makes me feel like I’ve taken the extra time to look after me, even if it’s just a necklace or a pair of glasses.

This outfit? In pictures looks so simple. But it fits all of the above, and it doesn’t scream “I’m a mom!”


Ok, that is a teething necklace, so maybe it just whispers “mom”

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2 thoughts on “Whispering “Mom”

  1. That may be a teething necklace, but it’s a super chic one that definitely doesn’t scream “this is to put in my baby’s mouth!” I like to keep my mom-ness less obvious too–or at least come across as a “cool mom”. Jury’s still out on that 🙂

  2. This looks so great! I was just telling Nate the other day that sometimes I think I look like the “anti-mom” with my crazy hair and tattoos. But I kind of like being the mom with an edge, lol!

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