Five Things Friday 

It’s Father’s Day Weekend! I figured if I was going to give myself a whole weekend for Mother’s Day, I might as well do the same for Father’s Day. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, laying sod, weeding gardens and mowing the lawn. Ok, I might try to make sure we have some fun in there too! But I’m pretty lucky to have a completely involved partner in this parenthood thing. And he’s pretty good at it too!

  1. He’s been C’s favourite since Day 1. I never stood a chance with her if he was around. I’ve had a pretty good run with M as her favourite but the tide is shifting there too. She radiates joy when he comes home at the end of the day
  2. He puts C to bed almost every night, which is an exhausting endeavour of “I need to pee! I need to poop! I need to brush my teeth in the living room” the minute the lights turn out. And he remains pretty patient through out it. 
  3. He lets the kids play all over him. Obviously C is the more rambunctious one, doing summersaults, climbing, and swinging off of him. He gets virtually no personal space when they are awake (and yet she manages to respect the closed door of the bathroom when he’s on the other side…)
  4. He never complains about how often I leave him with both kids in the evening to go out for supper with friends even though I can’t remember the last time he got to do anything with his friends that didn’t include the kids. And never refers to it as “babysitting”
  5. He (almost) always hears them wake up and will (almost) always be the first one to their doors. And even if it’s 3am and M is up to eat, he’ll still try his hardest to get her back to sleep if I’ve become confused, thought the baby was crying in my dreams and fallen back asleep. It’s happened more than once. This week. #sleepdeprived

 The girls are pretty lucky to have a dad who exposes them to random music, comic books and video games with great enthusiasm. He even does a pretty great job of faking enthusiasm for some of their other interests. And I’m very lucky to have someone who carries his share of the load of parenting these crazy girls of ours. 
Happy Father’s Day, Scott!

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One thought on “Five Things Friday 

  1. It is so awesome to see your spouse interact and love on your children. Nate is so patient with Ollie too, let’s him crawl all over him and jump on him and they have the sweetest bond too. I hope Scott had a great Father’s Day!

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