Currently: In July…

And here marks the start of me trying to slow down time because summer is flying by just too fast and there is only a couple of months of summer left and so much to do. Nonetheless, seeing the reminder email for this month’s Currently, hosted by Anne of In Residence and Stephanie of Wife, Mommy, Me, made me smile and remember to stop and pay attention to what I’m doing.  And what am I doing? This month, I am…

Currently July.jpg

…documenting: how to put on M’s boots. We’re going out on our first date night since she moved to just wearing her boots and bar at night (might actually be our first date since she got them, too. I can’t quite remember. Does car shopping count?). It also means the first time Scott or I will not be the one to put on her boots. I barely let Scott do it, so I’m nervous to say the least. Do you think an instruction manual and a video, in addition to a couple “training” sessions will be enough to ease my worried mind? (The answer… is no)

…accomplishing: things in fits and spurts.  I’ll go for days not being able to even get beds made, and then there will be a day I get the house cleaned before morning naps, get to the library before lunch, get everyone napping at the same time, and have supper on the table — and kitchen already cleaned — before Scott gets home. The goal for this week is to deal with the three baskets of strawberries we picked last week before they go soft in my fridge. Yesterday, I tackled jam.  Today will be smoothie packs.

…enjoying: my garden and it’s first big-ish harvest. My flower gardens are still a mess, but my veggie garden is (mostly) rocking this year. My oregano and tomatoes are out of control. My lettuce and spinach are tender and delicious. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing something from scratch. Now to figure out why my basil is being grumpy…

…reading: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. For years, I mocked people that read anything lighter than Margaret Laurence at the lake/beach/camp. And yet, I find that my tastes have changed dramatically. This was a great book to start at the cabin, and I hope to get a chance to finish it before we go camping.

..spending: money on me. we have a clothing budget, and that usually covers the girls and Scott. Anything I want usually comes from my entertainment money because I don’t “need” it. But then I nearly flashed my whole family diving off of a diving board in a bathing suit that used to fit. Instead of my usual Old Navy or Joe Fresh sale section, I found the sale section in a swimsuit store to get a bathing suit that might actually fit and suddenly can’t wait to hit the beach.

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7 thoughts on “Currently: In July…

  1. I wish I had gotten my act together to get strawberries picked and to have made jam because I love it and yours looks so good. I’m jealous. I would be nervous about the boot situation too, hopefully you can relax and enjoy your date though! I think I told you I have a copy of that book – I will try to read it soon and we can compare notes. 🙂

  2. Oooh love the suit – sounds like you deserved/needed it 🙂 And I feel you on the accomplishing in fits and spurts. It’s hard for me to be okay with that sometimes because I want to get all the things done all the times, but sometimes that’s our season of life, I guess, right? Yay for homemade jam though!

  3. I can’t believe how quickly summer is going either! Makes me sad! Gardens are the best. My basil is doing great this year but my rosemary is the one not really growing!! Enjoy the harvest!!

  4. jessicam1407

    Accomplishing things in fits and spurts describes me perfectly right now!!

  5. YAY for a new bathing suit! It definitely makes vacation more enjoyable when you know it fits correctly!

  6. Look at all those home grown things, way to go!! Good luck on tackling the strawberries. I’m definitely the same way with getting stuff done–lately I’ve been in the “not much gets done” camp. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on that book!

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