Five Things Friday

Some days, I do nothing. Other days, I do so much I exhaust myself. I haven’t quite learned to pace myself yet, but I’ll slowly figure that out, right?

Of course, it feels like there are more days I get nothing accomplished than days where I’m very productive. I could choose to focus on the days nothing went right, nothing got done, and the days that I felt like I was nothing. Instead, I’m going to focus on the good:

  1. I made jam. Turns out it’s easy. Who knew?
  2. I did a 5 minute clean up of all the major rooms on our main floor and while the house isn’t clean, it’s passable.
  3. I managed to only overreact for a little while when M randomly developed an allergy to eggs and began to vomit rather violently at the grocery store. And in the parking lot. And in the car. And in the kitchen. And in her bedroom.
  4. I got one work out in. The other days were spent walking and swimming, so at least still being active.
  5. I scheduled a bunch of blog posts, finally finishing off a few that have been in draft form for weeks, because after having a crazy few days, I decided I needed a glass of wine and some me-time.

What did you do this week — however small — that made you want to give yourself a pat on the back?

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I’m glad you got some things done you wanted to do! I’m so sorry about M’s egg allergy though. Like you said, you’ve been down this road before with C, so you know what to do, but it still stinks! I’m glad you got some me time after all of that. ❤

  2. I’m chuckling a bit to myself because I just made myself submit an online order for a prescription refill and I paid a bill online and then told myself that was good enough and I was allowed to be done “adulting” for the day, haha! The 5 minute clean up strategy sounds about like my survival mode approach I take to the house, but I will say that my parents were in town and stayed with us last night so that sent me hustling a little bit on the cleaning/organizing front.

    And how scary that your daughter had that type of allergic reaction! My son has a peanut and dairy allergy and I’m grateful that so far the exposure he’s had has just been some hives and blotchiness, but I live in constant epi pen carrying fear that the next time it’ll be different. Hope that she (and you!) recovered quickly from that experience.

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