Can I just say I love that joggers are a style? I lucked into a pair thrifting (didn’t try them on, realized they were too small when I brought them home, waited until more baby weight came off and then… *angel chorus*).  It’s officially part of my mom-iform.

The first time I said “mom-iform” outloud was to my dad and he looked at me like I was crazy. But admit it, every mom needs that outfit that they can reach for when they need to be able to play with kids but also look like they have it together. Having an on-trend item? Takes it to another level


(I suddenly wonder if I’ve taken too long writing this post and now joggers are out? Please tell me no. I’m trying my best here!)

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2 thoughts on “Mom-iform

  1. I don’t think joggers are out yet! Though I have yet to find a pair I actually like on me. I really like yours, I think this is a great mom-i-form! I have totally used that phrase before!

    • These were a total fluke. They’re a size smaller than I usually wear from a Canadian chain that went bankrupt (these were likely part of their last line). I almost didn’t get them because M was fussing and I didn’t want to buy without trying on. Glad I talked myself into taking the chance!

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