Currently: In August

I keep reminding myself that Fall doesn’t start until a few weeks into September but the beginning of August always feels like we’re heading into the last little bit of summer. So without further ado, here is what I’m up to this August! Currently, I am…

Currently August

…snacking (on): fresh peas. My garden is a hot mess but that’s because things are thriving and trying to take over each other’s spots. Tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots can fend for themselves but I go to battle for my peas.

…anticipating: C’s birthday. She wants a Princess party and while I’m not one of those moms opposed to it for feminist reasons (C loves the music and dresses. She has no illusions about awaiting to be rescued by her prince), I can’t stand the pink tulle that inevitably comes with the theme. Hit me with non-girly princess party ideas if you have any!

…borrowing: my parents van to get some lumber to turn a play structure into a castle. I’ve finally drafted my design, and I’m starting to get excited about it. Running out of days to get it done, though!

…admiring: a lot of moms out there who are balancing work and kids. I’m home all day, and I still feel I don’t get enough quality time with them (there is always something that needs to be done, and yet it never gets done either!) I go back to work in 4 months (what?!?! Already??!!) and I can’t figure out how to fit everything in. They’ll still pay me if I don’t show up to work, right?

…purchasing: hopefully a jean skirt. I refuse to go back to work without one (again, they’ll still pay me if I don’t show up, right?), but I refuse to pay full price for the one I like.

Thanks to Anne and Shea for another great set of prompts!

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6 thoughts on “Currently: In August

  1. How do you feel about fairies? They’re still girly with less tulle and fluff. Just a thought. I am pretty clueless on girl party ideas since I only have to plan boy parties! I’m jealous of your fresh peas. We didn’t plant any of those! We have picked one ripe tomato so far, so that is exciting!

  2. Lauren Becker

    I hope your daughter’s princess party goes well and you aren’t stuck with too much pink tulle. πŸ™‚


  3. Oooh this castle sounds like so much fun! And yeah, that balance is so hard – most days with working from home I think I get the best of all worlds, but then there are plenty of times when I feel like I’m just not getting enough quality time with anything in my life – work, kid, spouse. It’s hard to do it all, isn’t it?!

  4. Sorry, I’m totally a girly girl and I love all the pink tulle πŸ™‚ BUT I hope you find some stuff that suits your tastes better and that sweet little C loves. (When is her birthday by the way? Our babies have birthdays close together it seems although I feel like your C is younger than my Jona maybe?) My life feels anything but balanced most days. When I feel like I’m being an awesome mom I feel like I’m being a crappy employee, and vice versa. But I just try not to be too hard on myself and take it one day at a time. You’ll find a rhythm that works for you when you go back to work, it will all work out!

    • Also, I just realized I said “work” about a million times in that last sentence there…. but you know what I mean πŸ™‚

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