Fashion Fast-Forward

I used to have a better sense of fashion. I knew what was in. I knew what trends to avoid. I knew what styles suited me and my body.

And then roughly three years ago, I checked out. Trends aren’t so much of a big deal when you’re pregnant and you feel like a whale in everything that you put on. Once you have the baby, your body is still changing so much that you wear whatever works because you are tired and you know the baby is just going to spit up on it anyway. And then you get pregnant again, and it just keeps going.

But after having a second kid? You aren’t allowed to stay home in your pajamas every day. If you’re making your first kid get dressed, they kind of insist you do too. And while you’re dressed, why not go out somewhere? 

We go out a lot. Every day. Sometimes it’s fun adventures to the zoo. Sometimes it’s for a walk to pick up something from the grocery store. That’s a lot of outfits and not a lot of time to create them. As a result, I’ve been rocking jeans and a t-shirt (or shorts and a tank top) on the reg. 

And I like it. 

If you’ve followed me since before kids, you know I did the whole “ootd” style blog. I did the whole layering dresses over other dresses and skirts. I did the mixing of multiple patterns. I paired bold and bright colours in seemingly unexpected ways. I had charts and spreadsheets to plan outfits. It was exhausting. 

But jeans and a t-shirt? I can do that without thinking. And that simplicity is redefining my style even when I have time and reason to get all dressed up. As I mentioned on Friday, it’s why I love dresses. One piece and you’re done. It feels like a step back, compared to the time and effort I used to put in, but I also feel much more comfortable in my clothes now (and that’s pretty significant considering jeans are much less comfortable than the tunic and tights I was rocking earlier!)

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether it’s because of laziness, or refined aesthetics, it seems the latest trends have skewed more basic. Then again, classic never goes out of style. 

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Fast-Forward

  1. Nothing wrong with simplicity at all! I had those days for sure and I have to admit, I love playing with clothes during the week for work but I kind of love the weekends when I can just throw on a t-shirt/hoodie with my leggings and just not think about it too much!

  2. You can never go wrong with classic. My style has definitely gotten a lot simpler since becoming a mom, and definitely more casual too. These days I enjoy the balance of getting to wear work clothes (although they’re still pretty casual most days) 3 days a week and casual clothes the other days. It strikes the perfect balance for me. I also like the idea of “well, I’m dressed, so we may as well go somewhere!” We do that too sometimes. 🙂

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