Moving Thoughts

I’ve made running a priority. I enjoy it. It gives me time to myself. It improves my health (my knees question that). It helps me sleep. It gives me time to think.

That’s not always good.

My running schedule (based off of the Hal Higdon Novice 5K schedule) has me running three times a week, with one day doing a 30-60 minute walk. While eventually the thought pattern on my run is: “half a mile left. You can do this. .45 of a mile left.  You can do this. .4 of a mile left. You can do this,” that walk gives me a lot of thinking time without the distraction of side stitches, legs wanting to give out or lungs gasping for air.

Yesterday, I started thinking about how happy I was that I had made running a priority, which made me realize that anything we give time to is a priority, whether we make it a priority or not.

And that stuff that doesn’t get done? We can say it’s a priority all we want, but if it’s not getting done, it’s because it isn’t high enough on our lists, and so likely isn’t important enough to us.

It was remarkably easy to make time to go running. I put M to bed. Not long after that routine starts, Scott starts putting C to bed. Once M is asleep, I change into my running clothes. I kiss C good night. I run. I stretch. I foam roll. I shower. I sleep. Sometimes I add in a bedtime snack  somewhere in there for good measure, too.

But that’s not every day or every night. There are days when I stay up past my bedtime to watch just one more episode. I read one too many news articles. I creep on that person from high school. While there is value in relaxation or awareness of current events, they don’t deserve nearly as much time as they get.

It’s time to start looking at how I spend my time, and move things around, so those things that I think are priorities actually become priorities. Afterall, if they are that important to me, it should be easy to make time for them.

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3 thoughts on “Moving Thoughts

  1. I read something too about how once you do something for 30 days it just becomes habit. I’m not sure if habit is the same as priority though. But no matter, I agree about making priorities actually be priorities. And I’m going to check out that running program too.

    • I like the running program because it seems to fit with my bootcamp days – I do that on Mondays and Wednesdays instead of a run-walk thing. Bootcamp has been a pretty big priority for me this summer and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up once the kids activities start in fall. Trying to work out their schedules made me realize that I needed to re-examine a lot of priorities.

  2. Oh this is so good. You are so right–we may *think* we’re prioritizing certain things, but we have to really look at how we’re spending our time. I say I put my kids first, but when I’m rushing around in the evenings trying to get all the things done and telling Jona “not right now” it sure doesn’t look that way… This was some good food for thought Cara!

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