Currently: In September

I am dragging my heels into September. I loved this summer, and I’m not ready for it to be over. I could use another few months. But crunching leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin spice latte, yada yada yada.

Anne and her cohost du jour, Lowanda have brought us another set of prompts this month that I can get a little more excited about. This month, I am currently…

Currently In September

…celebrating: C’s third birthday. This year we’re doing a Tea Party theme after months of princess party talk, and a brief stop over in dinosaur party, hockey party and ocean party. Somehow I get the feeling this is what toddler birthday parties will be like for the next few years.

…watching: the last few episodes of the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  How did I not finish the season before? Granted this last season had enough season finale twists that I’m not surprised I thought I’d finished it.

…welcoming: a chance to start up some new routines. My year will always and forever start in September, and even though I’m not back to work until December, I think this is the right time to start moving us into a better morning routine. The other day, I finished getting C dressed at 10:30 only to turn around and find that M had already partially undressed herself. It’s going to be tough when it comes time to be out the door at 7:30.

…preparing: for the start of preschool. We have the meet and greet on Friday, and then C starts on Tuesday. We’ve been having some afraid-of-the-dark issues that came up the night we started back to school shopping, so I’m hoping once we get into the pre-school routine, we’ll get back to life as normal.

…photographing: M’s 10 month pictures this morning! While I miss newborn snuggles, I am definitely much happier as a parent of a 10 month old than a 10 day old. She’s crawling, pulling up, starting to climb stairs, and generally getting into everything so you can’t turn your back but all in all, it’s pretty great.

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5 thoughts on “Currently: In September

  1. I love the tea party theme! I’m glad you found a a fun theme! I hope C loves preschool. Ollie had some tough days before he started the first time too. It will be an adjustment but she will do great! And how is M already 10 months? What??

  2. Hahaha toddlers and their changing minds by the day. Hopefully she’s still excited about that theme when the party day arrives, because it sounds fun to me 🙂 Hope the first day of school goes great!

  3. I like the tea party theme, and I think you can do a lot with that. Jona changed his mind a few times too… fickle little stinkers. Good luck with preschool, I hope C loves it! It’s been wonderful for Jona, although it didn’t come without fears and adjustment issues either, but at the end of the day he really likes it. Yay for 10 months! That’s right where we are too–gotta watch that girl like a hawk. But it really is such a fun age!

  4. I tend to think of September as a new start too – granted, I almost always started school in August, but still!


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