Five Things Friday

With M being allergic to chicken and eggs, it’s been hard to wrap our brains around meals. So much of our “go-to” meals are chicken or egg based. Some things are easy to adapt (many pancake or muffin recipes can actually be made just skipping the egg), while others just have to be abandoned (I’m looking at you, deli roasted whole chicken). 

But as with all things, there are some amazing discoveries that come with being pushed out of your comfort zone. Here are my five favourites

  1. Veggie stock is just as easy to make as chicken stock, and you can literally just use garbage to make it. We keep a container of veggie scraps in the freezer and add our carrot tops, onion peels, bean ends etc as we make suppers. Then, once our stock pile (hahahahahah) runs low, we toss it in a pot with some water and herbs and simmer for a few hours. 
  2. I read an article on a study of the composition of sausages in Canada. Following the alarming discovery of horse meat in European sausage and meatballs, a regulatory body in Canada tested sausages here for unlabelled meats. While there was virtually no horse meat used, many were using chicken as a filler, even if they were pork or beef sausages. Since we mostly eat sausage meat without the casings, I’ve found a couple recipes for spice blends that we can add to ground meats that taste like our favourite sausages. Plus, I can control the level of fat and salt!
  3. Like most families, we have a chicken nugget loving toddler. While she’s still a little slow to come around to them, I found a veggie and lentil nugget recipe that, with a few tweaks, will become a freezer standby for us. 
  4. Ground turkey can be used in almost the same recipes as ground chicken. While turkey nuggets might not rock our works, turkey burgers are close enough no one notices the difference. 
  5. We’re no longer constantly going over our grocery budget. Chicken’s expensive, y’all. You know what isn’t? Pork. You know what are so cheap it feel like thievery? Lentils. 

Don’t get me wrong: I’m definitely looking forward to the day M outgrows this allergy but it’s great to be finding new favourites!

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3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I’m totally cracking up over your “stock” joke. I think we’d do pretty well with cutting out the chicken, we eat a lot of pork and beef. We’d have a harder time with egg. You are doing an awesome job it sounds like! I’m curious about these veggie and lentil nuggets!

  2. I’ve gotten a few lentil things lately and I’m loving it! SO cheap and yummy too! Chicken is very pricey!

  3. Poor little M, I hope she gets over the allergy too. But you’re right, chicken IS so expensive. Pork is a lot cheaper. I haven’t ever made anything with lentils but it sounds like I need to try. I do love ground turkey though–I use that a lot in meals.
    The stock pile joke cracked me up too 🙂

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