Five Things Friday

Beth is right: writer’s block is usually at its fiercest Mondays so I’m glad she did this fun little blogging exercise and so I thought “why not do it too!” Of course, I schedule posts so her Monday post? It’s my Friday post! I’m just doing the first section today. Maybe the others down the road?

Five favourite things to do

  1. Run. It’s been way too long since I got a chance to run between kids and weather and general levels of darkness. But I miss it so much. 
  2. Yoga. Here’s one that I haven’t really thought about as a favourite but it came up in this morning’s bootcamp and I realized I miss the quiet meditation of a good yoga class. 
  3. Walk. I try to get my girls outside every day. My preferred outside activity is walking. C doesn’t get the point of walking for the sake of walking so it’s usually a tough sell if I want to just walk around the neighbourhood. A walk is extra good if Madeline is wrapped up asleep on my back, and I’ve remembered to make myself a cup of tea. 
  4. Tea. There is something so comforting about a cup of Earl Grey tea especially in the winter. 
  5. Creating things. I like making things for others. I make hooded towels as baby gifts. I make the girls’ Halloween costumes (this year: hoping for dinosaurs). I’m building their Christmas present. A friend once said the only moment that makes you more proud of creating something is seeing someone actually use it.
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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. YAY I’m glad I could help with writer’s block! And I can’t wait to see if you do the other five favorites categories. I wish I was more creative. I’m not great with making things. And man if we were neighbors we could be walking buddies. It would be awesome.

  2. This was fun to read on Beth’s blog so I’m glad you’re doing it too! Your favorites list is so interesting to me because it is so different from what I would pick. I WISH I loved running, walking, and yoga. Well, I like walking, but I wouldn’t list it as a favorite. My favorite activities involve being sedentary (reading, blogging) or food (cooking, baking)… I need more activity to balance those out!

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