Currently: In October

Seeing the end of September is really bittersweet. September is always a time for new beginnings, but the weather doesn’t know whether it’s summer or fall, and there are days where you need mitts in the morning and shorts in the afternoon. October is a little more settled.  This month, I am…Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 9.55.00 PM

styling: Fall layers. I finally got mad and told Scott that if he gets a new wardrobe every time he starts a new job, I should get one every time I go back to work after mat leave. He looked and me and said: “yes. That makes sense. Stop throwing these fits as if I’m the one saying no, and actually go out and buy clothes”.  So I picked up a few casual pieces to get my shopping muscles back in shape and I’m having fun styling them.  Army green cords are rocking my world right now, as are puffy vests.

saving: nothing. We’re switching around three areas of our house and it means that we’re downsizing our office/games room/sewing room into a smaller space. I’m (slowly, according to my daughter who will be upgrading her playroom) purging all my fabric and yarn stashes.

searching: for contractors willing to repair our garage. Not just say they will repair and then spend the entire quote saying: “It’s totally possible. But for only $15,000 to $20,000 more you could get a whole new garage”.  We need to replace the bottom plate on our garage because of years of spring flooding has caused rotting (which the previous owners cleverly covered up to help make a quick sale…grrrr). Yes, we’ll end up replacing the whole garage eventually, but I was hoping to at least push that off until we had two full paycheques coming in.

picking: pumpkins.  Ok, not yet. Soon. We go to a farm every fall that has a petting zoo, corn maze, horse rides, a zipline and a barn full of pumpkins. It’s Instagram gold. The first year, C wasn’t having much of it. At all. Last year, she liked the petting zoo, tolerated the corn maze, and then *may* have had an epic meltdown at the pumpkin barn. Here’s hoping this year, she’s a champ (as we’ll have to deal with the moods of M this year, too). I’m tired of abandoning whatever perfect pumpkin I’ve found because someone is making a scene.

…making: freezer meals. Fall seems to be the start of freezer meal season in this house — usually because I’m within a few weeks of having a baby or going back to work after having a baby, all of which really benefits from having freezer meals. I made a double batch of shepherd’s pie last night, freezing half for sometime in the nebulous future.

Thanks to Anne and Dana for this month’s link up!

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10 thoughts on “Currently: In October

  1. Yep, we’ll be heading out for pumpkins later this month too. Our pumpkin patch sounds very similar to yours! And yay for a new wardrobe! I’m glad Scott gave you the go ahead to do it! I’ve been afraid to try on my green pants so far this season because I am going to be sad if they don’t fit…and I kind of fear they don’t. I’ll get brave one of these days!

    • There’s a lot of fear tied up in those green pants: fear they won’t fit. Fear if they do fit, you’ve been missing out on all this time with them. I say just sell them and buy new ones asap. Solves all the problems 🙂

  2. Yay for freezer meals! I’ve been trying to cook double batches and freeze half lately too–my future self has been thanking me 🙂 Your comment on the pumpkin patch being “Instagram gold” really cracked me up. So true! Will you be sharing some style photos with your new wardrobe? I hope so! 🙂

    • Step one is getting the clothes. Step two is wearing them. Step three is wearing them in ways interesting enough to take pictures. Step four is cleaning enough floor space to take pictures that don’t include Barbies (yes, we have reached that age). It really makes planning freezer meals seem easy in comparison!

  3. I really should do freezer meals – it would be really great to have food on hand, especially on certain days that I work and other things are going on. I just really need to find recipes that are healthier – so much of what I see is too much carbs or starches for me.


    • I have a friend who does a lot of things like shepherd’s pie, but with mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Nothing could make me give up my mashed potatoes, but she says it’s delicious!

  4. Yes! Good for you finding some new things for yourself 🙂 I love army green pants. And yay for fall fun at farms.

  5. I feel like there needs to be some kind of fall Instagram checklist. Maybe that’s a future blog post idea when my brain is running dry!

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