Five Things Friday

“But how can I calm down?” 

C wails this when she’s gone a bit over dramatic with something and I’ve told her if she keeps this up, we won’t [go to the playground/play outside/ go to the library…]. In her defence, it is hard to shake somethings off. 

I know that all too well. I’m slowly unwinding after my morning was derailed by an email from a contractor that was inexplicably rude. Yes, 6 hours later. But my blood boils hot sometimes. 

While these aren’t always the best options for a toddler, these are the things that help me unwind (when I remember to take the time to do them, instead of just trying to brush it off like I did this morning)

  1. Take a walk. A long walk. Outside. Preferably with music. 
  2. Talk to my mom. Talking to friends often riles me up because we share stories and that builds the anger. My mom is usually a bit more calming. 
  3. Dance party. My sister was/is a music therapist and she would probably tell me the theory behind it but it works
  4. Rocking a sleeping baby. Not a baby that refuses to sleep. That doesn’t work. But the repetitive motion and the peaceful face always help. 
  5. Writing. Whether it’s a blog post, a letter, or an email response (“Thank you for making this an easy decision. You are incorrect. I will not be shopping around for a lower quote. I will in fact be choosing the other contractor whose quote was higher, because it is true that you get what you pay for, and sometimes, that extra money gets you some basic human decency”*). 

I’ve done four out of five (number 4 precludes number 3), and now feel much more calm. Just think how much easier the day would have gone if I’d done that all six hours ago!
*that is not verbatim what I wrote, but is pretty much the point. 

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I’m with you on these. I always want to talk with my mom when I’m having rough day and need to wind down too. Music always helps me turn my mood around as well. Also, sipping a drink of some kind (coffee in the morning, wine if it’s evening) helps too–I don’t think the drink so much but the ritual of it. Although the drink doesn’t hurt! 🙂

  2. I’m smiling at C’s “how can I calm down?” Ollie’s response is usually “I can’t stop crying. I can’t calm down.” Oh kids.
    I agree with all the stuff you wrote here! I love the walking, talking to mom, etc. Dance parties are awesome, and writing is always good. I’d rock a sleeping baby if I had one. Instead I pet my cats. Or I take a relaxing bath.

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