Five Things Friday

Is it Friday? Oh good. This week was long. Between trying to fend off the kid’s cold, it being a short week after a busy long weekend and M having more boot issues. But here are the things I’m hoping to accomplish this weekend

  1. Measure out and plan furniture locations for doing the grand gym/office/playroom/guest room switcheroo
  2. Decide (by measuring and planning… I’m sensing a theme) if I want the wall unit from my grandparents place to replace our IKEA bookshelves. 
  3. Plan (without measuring anything other than temperature) when we are going to the corn maze
  4. Clean garage. Again. Related to the next item. 
  5. Start Christmas shopping. This may titles Friday but I’m finishing the interrupted post at 5:45 on Saturday morning and having looked outside on my way to sooth a crying baby, I saw snow on the ground. Snow. The flaking white stuff we haven’t seen in about 6 months. I know it will melt but at least it’s a reminder to get all that shopping done?
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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Ewww snow!!! At least that’s my feeling on the matter 🙂 I hope you were able to get some shopping, planning, and corn maze-ing in. Did you end up using the wall unit from your grandparents’ house?

  2. Snow already??? Noooo!!! You are smart to start planning Christmas shopping. I have one gift bought already actually which makes me feel like I’m queen of everything, haha. So not true. Hope you got some stuff done this weekend!

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