Five Things Friday 

It’s been a tough slog, this October. But it’s almost November so I’m going to harness all my energy into making sure I do one all important thing next month: take care of me. How will I do that?

  1. Make sure I go out with friends once a month without kids. Turns out my last “social event” was my nephew’s birthday. 
  2. Read. In bed. Instead of watching TV. Or maybe read. On the couch. Instead of watching tv. 
  3. Actually watch tv. Put the phone down. Put the computer down. No grocery lists during Brooklyn Nine-Nine. No Amazon shopping during Murdoch Mysteries. If it’s worth having on, it’s worth paying attention to it. 
  4. Write. 
  5. Workout. It was tough getting to bootcamp yesterday, both literally and metaphorically (snow and rain meant travel on most bridges was not advised and we are a city of trains and bridges) but I did not regret it once I got there. I have to remember that!
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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 

  1. Are we sharing a brain? October has been rough for me too. I really want to focus on myself in November because it’s my birthday month dang it, so I deserve it! I’m going to try to do all those things you listed too. We’re going to kick it. We can do it!

  2. I like these ideas. As you know October was a rough month for me as well, so I can definitely appreciate the focus on self-care for next month. I hope to do a lot of reading as well, and I’d like to get more friend-dates in too!

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