Currently: In November

All right, now I’m all about time moving forward quickly now. We’re getting “practice snow” (or so we’ve been calling it for C who doesn’t understand that season changes aren’t automatic) and I’m ready to check out until spring is back, thank you very much. So hello, November! This month, I am…

Currently November

Realizing: my baby is turning one in just a few days. It’s felt like she’s been a part of our family for an eternity, but that she was just born yesterday.

Stirring: apple cinnamon muffin batter. It’s egg-free for the allergy baby, mixed with baby cereal for additional nutrients for the picky toddler, and basically no sugar, so I don’t feel bad when it’s all my kids want to eat.

Appreciating: relatively healthy kids. We will be taking M to see her allergist finally to confirm her FPIES disgnosis, hopefully get a plan for any accidental exposures to chicken and egg, as well as a schedule for food challenges since you can’t test for FPIES allergies with skin prick or blood tests. It sounds daunting until I remember that the most effective treatment is diligence, and that’s a whole lot better than a lot of other health issues we could be having.

Investigating: different strategies for keeping M’s feet warm this winter. Despite being a year old, her feet are tiny. The size of the average 3 month old. You know what they don’t make? Legit snow boots for 3 month olds. I’m leaning towards Stonz, because I love the pair we got for C, so I might as well try their infant version.

Following: not my resolution to take some time for me. I’m not sleeping enough, I ‘m not drinking enough water, and I’m not taking time to intentionally take time to do something for me.  I get grumpy when I’m sleepy, dehydrated and trying to put too much into a day. Imagine that!

Thanks to Anne of In Residence and Julie of A Hopeful Hood for another month of Currently!

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5 thoughts on “Currently: In November

  1. I’m sorry to hear M has fpies… some friends of ours went through that with their little girl, and she grew out of it by 3, if that’s encouraging at all. One of her triggers was rice, which is in every baby/toddler snack imaginable haha. Good luck with the tiny snow boots!!

  2. Aw, I hope you find some boots or something similar for your little one!

    I hope you can find more time to work on yourself soon – sleep especially is very important, but of course you know that. Lol


  3. Gahhh how do we have one-/almost one-year-olds!? They are growing way too fast. And those muffins sound really good–do you have a recipe? I bet my kiddos would like those too!

  4. One! Isn’t it crazy that simultaneous feeling of forever and an instant – definitely a “you know you’re a parent when” kind of feeling. Have fun celebrating!

  5. Those same things make me grumpy too. It’s almost revolutionary, isn’t it?

    And one is such a milestone! Mine just turned 18 months old last month, and it’s so hard to think that we’re closer to two than one now!

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