Life gets in the way

Today’s post was supposed to be about the successful attempt to become a morning person with tips like “start the day with a workout” or “actually go to bed when you say you should”. But here’s the real secret to waking up earlier:

Life makes you do it.

It’s the baby that relatively consistently screams at 4:45 am unless she cuddles next to you, forcing you into a position that is not conducive to sleep.

It’s the return to work that brings the chaos of having two kids, two working parents, and, oh ya, the craziness of the holiday season that means you need to use every waking moment to get things done.

It’s the weird cold that hits you (not surprisingly) the day after the night you’re up with the sick toddler from 2 am until 5am causing you to fall asleep before supper that night and then wake up after 11 hours of sleep and have it be 5 am.

And soon, going to be at 930 feels late, and so waking up at 530 feels…

…nope. Not normal.

It feels like a kick in the face because you know you could still be sleeping if your body hadn’t wanted to be a morning person and your brain isn’t on board.

I’ll get there. And then I’ll write the post on how I managed it. But for now, I am a morning person not by choice, but because life got in the way.

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2 thoughts on “Life gets in the way

  1. So THAT’S your secret!! haha, I kid. But yes, life does demand you be a morning person sometimes. Although I have to say Ollie used to be a morning person but now he is not. Which means weekdays are rough. But weekends? We sleep in until almost 8 sometimes now! I feel guilty for sharing that. Um I meant no, no sleep at our house. You know the fact that I’m saying this means it will all change right?

  2. A morning person by force… not quite what you imagined! I like early mornings, but only when they’re my choice. If I have to get up because of a sick or early-waking kid, then I turn into a grouch. So I guess I’m a selective morning person 🙂

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