Five Things Friday

We’ve all been sick this week so it’s been tough getting into the Christmas spirit. But as of today, we are on Christmas Break (oh how I love working for a university!) and so I’m snuggling my littlest girl and while I know the house NEEDS to be cleaned before I can enjoy the festive season, I’m starting to feel the peace that adults seem to seek at this time of year.

Scott is on my case a bit this year about being too adherent to Christmas traditions (“but do you need to do them every year?” Yes, because that’s what a tradition is!) so I thought I’d list my five favourite Christmas traditions

  1. Christmas music ad nauseum. In the car. At work. At home. There is such a breadth and depth of this genre (since it encompasses all genres), I never tire of it.
  2. Bailey’s in my hot chocolate. Disaronno in my Coke. I miss Regina for it’s ready availability of mead at the holidays but these two alternatives work well for me.
  3. Butter tarts. It’s not Christmas without them, and even better is when Scott makes them for me.
  4. Playing Christmas carols on piano. Sounds like #1 but it’s different listening to something and playing something.
  5. Christmas movies. Oh the number of them keeps growing so we have to start watching them earlier and earlier but it’s a fun treat to let the kids watch full movies. You know, for the first 5 minutes until they realize they don’t have the attention span.
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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Yes, all Christmas music all the time! And yes to spirits in your beverages! And traditions are important! Must keep all traditions!
    PS we got your card yesterday! YAY! I was so happy!

  2. Bailey’s in my hot chocolate too, and even in my coffee on Christmas! Yum! I love traditions too and sometimes Aaron grumbles about them as well. But I think they’re part of what makes this time of year so special!

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