Currently: In January

It’s January! One more month down, one month closer to spring, right? We’ve just survived a terrible cold snap and I’m so over this winter already! But let’s focus on the good things! This month, I am currently…

Currently January

…starting: to figure out the next step. I’ve been back at work long enough to know that I am ready for a bigger challenge but I am not sure what that is. I’ve been contemplating movement within my organization, finding something entirely new, or going back to school. No concrete plans yet, but as I said, starting!

…hoping: to get back to early morning workouts. At least M has decreased her early morning wakings, so before I get too accustomed sleeping in, it would be nice to transition the early morning body alarm into a chance for some me time.

…scheduling: blog posts! I’m enjoying the idea of structure, so while I’ve toyed with editorial calendars in my head, I’m thinking of actually putting pen to paper and see if that keeps me going, rather that my sporadic period of posting followed by periods of forgetting.

… reading: hopefully multiple books. I had done the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge in 2016, and it was the last time I reached a book goal, so when Shea mentioned it, I decided to take a look. I really liked the preamble to the challenge this year — emphasis on quality instead of quantity. Let’s hope I can read 12 books this year, because that is still plenty more than I read this last year.

…playing: dress up with my new clothes. I went on a bit of a spending spree and accidentally ended up with a capsule wardrobe, focusing on jewel tones and different silhouettes than I have been doing. It felt weird to go shopping when I had spent a day weeding through closets and realizing I had more clothes than I had functional space, but my hope is that a more cohesive wardrobe will make it obvious what clothing isn’t earning its keep.

Thank you Anne for another month!

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5 thoughts on “Currently: In January

  1. Ooh this “accidental” capsule wardrobe sounds like a lot of fun 🙂 And yay for “you” time in the morning before the kids wake up. As a morning person, I love utilizing that time (though I need to get better about not being annoyed when some days the kid wakes up earlier than he’s supposed to…).

  2. Oh I hope you share some style pics then with your “accidental capsule wardrobe” (love that by the way)! I’m glad you’re doing the MMD challenge too, I think it will be fun. I’ve been wanting a better way to decide what to read next other than what’s available at the library or what comes up next on my Goodreads list. Good luck with your morning routine!

  3. Are we sharing a brain? I’m contemplating some work changes too. I’ll have to send you a separate message all about that. And I’m scheduling blog posts. And no reading challenges for me this year, my only reading challenge is simply to READ something. Anything. My brain is getting mushy from lack of any reading at all. No more Netflix in bed at night, ha.

  4. Lauren Becker

    I’m definitely thinking about work changes, but that’s mostly because I’m part time and I really need something full time. It’s tough to find something in my field though…

    I hope you read a lot of great books this year! I’m doing a few challenges, but nothing too specific. I like having leeway in what I read, but certain challenges just help with motivation.


  5. Happy happy new year to you!!! Hope it’s off to a great start 🙂 Love the enthusiasm here and definitely want to up my blog scheduling game, too. It’s so much nicer when you don’t have to THINK about what to post on a given day, but to have a game plan laid out already.

    Oh, it’s been dreadfully cold here in NJ and my workouts have suffered for it. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. Like, after the thaw 🙂 Ha!

    XO, Charlotte

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