Five Things Friday: Resolution

Tomorrow, I turn 34. I’m entering my mid-thirties, and it’s comfortable. That being said, being comfortable makes me twitchy, so I need a few resolutions to keep my life rolling.

  1. Make a move in my career by September. It can mean moving to a new position where I am, looking outside of my current organization, or applying for further schooling. Yes, I said this on Wednesday, but that’s how I know it’s important enough to lead this list.
  2. Really focus on making the most of my time. I seem to always be saying: “priorities aren’t a list you have in your head. Priorities are how you spend your time” and while I know that, I don’t always act on that. I’m putting in more structure to my free time to actually do what I say is important to me. In a couple weeks, I’m taking my first (since the old days of 4-H) photography workshop. I’m also limiting the number of evenings I’m allowed to default to just watch TV.
  3. Read more books. I really fell off the book reading this year, and I miss it. Hopefully the last point will help with it, but I’ve got a stack of books I’m excited to read, and (knock on wood), I’m starting to get enough time back in the evenings to actually jump into a book.
  4. I’m going to run a 10K by Thanksgiving. I don’t know whether it’s going to be an actual race, or just around my neighbourhood, so long as I run ever meter of it. I also know that running itself isn’t the best for my body, so I’m going to make sure that I’m exercising regularly, cross-training as needed, to make sure my knees (or any other body part, but really looking at you, knees) don’t let me down.
  5. While I’m busy working on me, making sure I’m taking time for Scott. Right now our shared interest is… our kids? Finding a food everyone will eat so we don’t have meal time fights? We need to work on that.

I think 34 is going to be a good year, and if I even achieve one of these, it’ll be even better!


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2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Resolution

  1. Happy Birthday one day early!! You have great goals and I’m with you on a couple of them. I mentioned the job thing, there’s a position at my office I’m looking into – eek. And reading. Must start reading again! I’m taking an Instagram class in February. Yes, an actual class on Instagram. Figured it can’t hurt. 34 is going to be a good year for you! I just know it! Love you!

  2. Happy early birthday Cara!! I hope it’s a great one and I love this list. I mostly love it because pretty much everything here (minus the 10K) are things I want to do too. I’m really itching for a change in career as well… I like the idea of giving yourself a deadline. Those are also the things my husband and I have in common right now, that and food, but food isn’t really the healthiest habit we can share, ha!

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