Legs on Fire

Like most the world, I took a lot of time off because of the holidays. And I don’t just mean time off work, but also time off working out. My workouts had slowly been ramping down. It used to be a 6 days a week with a walk on the 7th between bootcamp and running. And then I slowly dropped down to, well, nothing. Bootcamp took a hiatus. Miss M stopped being a reliable 5 am alarm.

So I had to push myself this weekend knowing bootcamp started back. A quick workout of standbys like squats, burpees, and star jacks? Should be easy right?

Monday morning I had planned some active recovery, but my legs refused to hold me up when my alarm went off. All day, every time I went to stand up to get a file, jump up to wave and direct a student over to me, or refill my tea reminded me just how quickly I could you lose it if you don’t use it.

There is no greater epiphany here because really it’s just the simple truth. Don’t expect your muscles to keep working the same way if you don’t keep up the same activity level. No amount of new equipment, new workout spaces or tricks to get ourself out of bed can can motivate me to pick up the more rigorous training schedule. But maybe, just maybe the fire in my legs will light the fire under my butt back in shape.

And then maybe I’ll also remember to stretch!


It would really be a smarter idea to have the snooze button that much smaller than the stop button. Maybe then I’d actually get up rather than snoozing all the time!

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4 thoughts on “Legs on Fire

  1. That is so true, why is that stop button so much smaller than the snooze? Thanks for encouraging us to be lazy Steve Jobs. But seriously, good for you getting back into it!

  2. Hahaha so true, why IS the snooze button so big? I hate to think what kind of state my poor, ignored muscles are in right now. I love how motivated you are to work out–I have a long ways to go but have been taking walks when I’m at work! #smallsteps

  3. LOL, I never thought about it before, but you’re right. That snooze is huge! Like, why would you press anything else?

    I’m trying to up my workouts again, albeit slowly, after the holiday season. You’re right–getting back into the swing of things has proven to be difficult, because the time off hasn’t exactly been the best for my motivation/skill level. That said, onwards and upwards, right?

  4. jessicam1407

    Hey, your alarm title looks a lot mine!! And I have to say, I’m shocked at the number of times that I’ve gotten out of bed only to be startled a few minutes later by the snooze going off because I hit that instead of stop. It’s so big!

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