Five Things Friday

What a week. I should count myself very lucky to be working in a job that is rarely high stress and rarely requires overtime. Except January. When it’s both. With the early mornings, short lunches and late “quitting time,” this week has been rough. And a lot of the time? I felt like I was failing.

But here’s the thing about failing: sometimes it’s better to fail.

  1. Despite my best efforts to try and get ahead of the mountain of work so it wouldn’t keep me from going to bootcamp in Thursday night, it didn’t work and I ended up staying late. But rather than rushing home to eat to rush back out again, I got to spend some one on one time with each girl, went through M’s clothes to pull out the ones that are too small, and fell asleep on the couch just after 9, which was perfectly fine with me in the end.
  2. I hit the “gym” hard in the mornings as a way to kick my butt into gear since I can’t ingest coffee the way most humans do. And then my knee crapped out on me one day walking for some tea because I hadn’t been planning my workouts well, and forgetting to stretch. A few quick stretches later, it was ready to finish the walk, and after a day or two of rest, I know what I’ll need to do to keep it from happening again.
  3. It went from above freezing to windchills so cold it felt like razor blades on my fully clothed legs. But I am the queen of layers and while I am still on the fence about wearing ski pants on the bus (great for waiting for it, a little too warm while sitting on it), extra tall socks, and lots of layers on my torso have kept the bone chilling coldness at bay plus it meant having lots of cozy options when the drafts through my office windows picked up
  4. We had planned to go out for supper for my birthday last Friday, but my parents wanted us to have supper with them, so we postponed until this Friday. But then the plans we thought we’d made for babysitters didn’t so much happen and we didn’t realize it until too late, so instead, we are spared having to go out in the cold, after a very long week, and instead get to go home, eat some comfort food, and relax.
  5. I’ve been coming home rage-y and frazzled. My supper table rants are not going over well with the younger set and don’t always make me feel any better. But I’ve learned to take them as a sign I need to take some time in the all too short evening to look after me, even if the answer has just been “go to bed”.

Everything at work peaks next Wednesday and then quickly falls off so the end? It’s in sight. And I know every year is like this and I get through. And in a few weeks, I’ll be down knocking on a coworkers door begging to take some of her work because I’m bored. That’s just the way this job goes.

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3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Way to find some positives when everything feels kind of not so much! I totally understand. And the end is in site of your work craziness! You are almost there! Hang on!

  2. Good luck making it through until then–at least the end is in sight!! It sounds like you’re doing a good job of seeing the silver lining/making lemonade/etc. of a tough situation. Just hang in there and give yourself permission to go to bed early and take care of yourself!

  3. So sorry to hear that things are so crazy for you right now 😦 I understand (we have slow periods, too)…but good lord, sometimes when you’re in the midst of a crazy time it’s hard to take care of yourself. I hope you’re getting plenty of rest!

    It’s been getting super cold here again lately—after we finally had some nice weather! Anyway, ski pants sound pretty dope right about now. If they keep the legs warm, I’m all in 🙂

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