What Are We Doing?

Do you ever have those weeks where you realize you’ve been going going going but nothing has happened on your to-do list? Since going back to work, my whole life feels like that. But since we’re nearing the end of January, I thought I’d actually take a look at everything we’ve been doing!


  • I read a book. It wasn’t good. But I finished it and while I should really be getting on my (own) case about starting the next one, let’s just focus on the positives here!
  • I took a photography workshop and while I definitely much more comfortable with my camera than needed for the class, I did learn a lot and gained some more confidence.
  • I kept getting sidelined on my workout goals, but I kept trying.


  • My gym is mostly set up. We need to do some wiring which is not the number 1 priority, but everything is in place. And we’re actually using the space so yay!
  • We are rarely letting our house devolve into the disaster that we normally let it, and when we do, we’re faster at cleaning it up.
  • I’m getting a better grip on making sure we have food prepared ahead of time for rushed mornings, preschool lunches, and no effort suppers. I think as long as I keep up with one day a week where I make a double recipe, to freeze half, and one day a weekend where I make breakfast muffins/bars, we should be doing all right.


  • We have had a couple weekends where it is nice enough to play outside, and even took C skating for the first time.
  • We’re alternating who is putting which kid to bed to help reduce the tantrums that happen when someone doesn’t get her way.
  • M is putting herself to sleep at night. And mostly sleeping through the night. And C is having some dry nights too.


  • I try to keep my work life personal (does that make sense), but I’ve expressed interest in joining some committees, I’ve been zealous in my desire to learn more about other roles in my department, resulting in two training sessions and an invitation to a meeting, and I’m going to take an online course (free, though was apparently either strongly recommended or required for our staff while I was on mat leave).
  • I survived the busiest time period in my work, keeping overtime under control and, as far as I can tell, with no known errors. So far.

So we’ve been busy. Even if it feels like we haven’t made any headway, we really have!


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3 thoughts on “What Are We Doing?

  1. Go you, that is a lot of stuff! I think sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We do all these things that we just see as daily upkeep/regular work/kid-raising and then we’re mad when we don’t check off our list of all the other things we wanted to do. Well all the “regular” things are really time consuming and exhausting, so we need to take credit and not beat ourselves up when we don’t have much energy left for extras.
    We alternate putting the kids to bed too and it’s a sanity saver. Jona takes FOREVER to get through his bedtime routine, while Violet is so easy–a couple of (short!) board books, some rocking, boom…crib. I feel like Jona needs an entire rehearsed program that takes 12 years. I love Violet nights 🙂

  2. I’d say you have definitely done a lot this month! That is awesome! We’ve been better about stuff around the house lately too, so it is easier to pick up. We find if we take just an hour out of our day on Saturday to get the dishes done and some laundry and picking up that the whole house stays clean longer.
    We alternate who does what for Ollie at night since we just have him and his bedtime routine takes forever. So one night I read and one night Nate does, and then the other person does the singing/turning out the light. And that kid is the king of stalling. And yay, you read a book! I’m almost done with one too! Definitely needs to be celebrated!

  3. Well, do tell us all about the book we shouldn’t read!

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