What I’m Watching

When I decided to start using an editorial calendar for my posts, I thought; “If I post 3 times a week with 4 weeks in a month, I only need to come up with 12 topics that I can just repeat month in and month out!” and then cue January, with it’s extra week! Fortunately, I realized early enough on, I came up with a few extra topics.

While I don’t always view it as a priority, the amount of time I spend watching TV lets me know it is kind of a priority for me. Right now, I am…

…. marathoning: The New Girl. This had been on Netflix back in the day, and then moved over to rival Shomi. When Shomi went under, it ended up back on Netflix. Unfortunately, enough time has passed I don’t remember all of it, so I started back at the pilot (and wonder whether Damon Wayans Jr. ever regretted choosing Happy Endings over New Girl, even though it was a much better show). Right now, Jess and Nick are just about to get together and I’m strangely all for that (shhh…. don’t break my heart so soon! I know what’s bound to happen and I’m sure I’ll get there in a week).


…PVR-ing: Murdoch Mysteries. This is a Canadian show about a police detective at the turn of the century in Toronto, as the city slowly becomes industrialized. While it certainly shows a high level of progressiveness (there is a female city coroner who employs females of colour as interns, a constable who dates a stripper, etc.), it also is quite tongue in cheek in alluding to ACTUAL scientific and cultural progress that is to come. And I just find Yannick Bisson and his fancy suits quite dreamy.


… dozing through: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Yes, I do also have a tendency to fall asleep while watching New Girl (I *may* have needed 4 tries to get through one episode one particularly tiring week!), but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my watching-in-bed-on-my-phone show right now.  I’m so glad it’s on Netflix during its broadcast hiatus!


…queuing: Grace and Frankie. Yes, I know I’m a generation too young for the target demographic, but sassy women are ageless. I haven’t seen the latest season, and I’m looking forward to getting tired of The New Girl so I can marathon through this one!


What are you watching these days?

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. We were so into New Girl back when it was first on and I don’t even know when or why we stopped watching. I loved Happy Endings I wonder that about Damon Wayans Jr too sometimes!

  2. Is it sad and terrible that I’ve never watched any of these? I’m just not a big “watcher”. I always tell myself I’m going to watch something and then I never keep up. On my list though is the Great British Baking Show… I really want to watch that 🙂 #nerdalert 😉

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