Creating Content

One reason I was pumped about setting an editorial calendar was because I was going to use it as motivation to get stuff done in my life. “I like making stuff!” I said and so I put “creative projects” as my 5th Wednesday. I even went so far as to unearth the scarf I was making myself years ago but didn’t finish. And now a month has gone by and it’s sat under the couch upstairs rather than the couch downstairs.

But I will keep trying, because every few days, it comes out from under the couch, if even just for a few minutes. And maybe I’ll even get it finished by next winter!

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2 thoughts on “Creating Content

  1. Ooh, well I do love what you have so far! That is a creative endeavor that I’ve never tried but it does sound relaxing. My equivalent right now is printing photos and doing a project life-style album for this year. I really want to do it… but so far I haven’t started. At least you have a start!

  2. LOL this reminds me of my mother-in-law, she often starts projects and then doesn’t finish it, but works on it a little at a time. This scarf certainly looks like it will be soft and warm!

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