C Reads: January

Our library book consumption dropped when I went back to work because about half the books stay at Nana & Grandpa Daycare. It also means I have even less control over what we read. Oh toddlers, and their random choices. This month was full of repeats and rejects.


Hank the Septopus is part of the books promoting Finding Dory. Since C hasn’t seen Finding Dory, nor Finding Nemo so this book definitely didn’t do anything for her. Or me for that matter. Maybe it would have made more sense if we knew more about Hank?

Olivia Dances for Joy by Natalie Shaw and Patrick Spaziante is a repeat in this house. And I didn’t like it the first time. Unlike some of the other books based on the TV series, rather than the books written by Ian Falconer, there is at least a plot and a lesson in a rather straightforward fashion.

Olivia Says Goodnight by Gabe Pulliam and Farrah McDoogle is terribly named. Because it’s name is so unrelated to the book itself, I didn’t realize it was another repeat until I was about 3/4 of the way through it. Less of a lesson in this one, too. While I don’t think it’s the worst Oliva book I’ve read, it’s not a huge recommendation from me.

And rounding out our book picks was another fail. Angus and the Cat by Marjorie Flack was universally despised. It was boring. It was dull. I guess the illustrations were all right?


Cat on the Bus by Aram Kim is definitely the best of the month. Sure, it took a while for C to get accustomed to this sparsely worded book, but the illustrations – which tell a heart warming story – are wonderful to look ati.

The Great Texas Hamster Drive by Erica A. Kimmel and Bruce Whatley was all right. Compared to the last set, this was good, but on its own, it doesn’t thrill me. It’s vaguely patronizing.

Two by Two by Barbara Reid bugs me. Barbara Reid generally bugs me, but this story starts out with a fire and brimstone god and then gets into terrible word play (“Space within was so restricted, Even the boas felt constricted” No. Just No).

Are You Sleeping Little One by Hans-Christian Schmidt, translated by Cynthia Vance and illustrated by Andreas Nemet was likely a pick for Madeline, which is great because she liked it. The book is a perfect bedtime book for her since she loved animals, and I love any book that ends with a baby snuggling his/her mama.

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3 thoughts on “C Reads: January

  1. That’s a bummer that the ones on repeat were ones you didn’t love. It drives me crazy when Jona wants to read a book over and over and I can’t stand it (currently: super hero stories that are SO incredibly cheesy!). LOL about the boa constrictor line–that sounds like the same kind of failed humor in Jona’s super hero book. Gah!

  2. This made me lol: Space within was so restricted, Even the boas felt constricted” No. Just No :p

    I’m sorry you weren’t thrilled with most of these books. I imagine it’s even worse when your kid wants to read them over and over and over again. Also I haven’t read too many Olivia books, but I love the illustrations so much ❤

  3. We’ve checked out books about characters from shows or movies we haven’t seen before too and we’re like what? So I relate to the Dory book, though I have seen both movies. I could tell you about Hank, lol! The Cat on the Bus book is the one that most appeals to me out of this list so I kind of love that it was the best of the bunch! I will have to do a round up of our latest library picks, a few good ones and a few duds from us too.

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