Not For Chickens – Fails

We’re getting pretty good at subbing out chicken in a lot of our recipes. Turkey and pork are pretty easy choices. We haven’t had much luck with non-meat options with the picky toddler, but it’s not often that we adapt a favourite and Scott and I don’t enjoy it.

Not often, but it still does happen.

For Scott and I, an old favourite has always been salsa chicken. Take chicken, a jar of salsa, a container of sour cream, some crushed taco chips and a handful or two of shredded cheese and bake and you get some deliciousness. So after missing it, we decided to try it with pork.

IMG_0113.JPGFirst, it took forever to cook. Then it didn’t quite pair as well with the rice and corn as we had hoped (disclaimer: in our youth, it was all we’d eat. We’d consider it a balanced meal on its own. Maybe supplemented with some additional taco chips. You know, for all the nutrients you get from those. And then when it was all done? The pork was too chewy.

We ate it. At least most of it. And we’ll likely hold off on messing with this one for a while.


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3 thoughts on “Not For Chickens – Fails

  1. We substitute pork in a lot of meals because we just like pork. But if we do mexican food we typically do tacos or nachos with our pork. I wonder if this recipe would work better for you with turkey instead of pork? Turkey seems closer to chicken in my mind at least. I’m not the cooking expert at our house though!

  2. Bummer! I agree with Beth about turkey maybe working better? You’ll have to share if you try that. I had a recipe fail last night too–made pad thai with spaghetti squash which turned into a soggy, overcooked squashy mess. You win some you lose some I guess 🙂

  3. now I”m hungry. I seriously shouldn’t read food posts this long after supper lol.

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