What are we doing? February

Can you believe February is almost over? What a whirlwind month. It’s really only 2 days shorter than roughly half the other months, but it always feels so fast. Here’s how what we got through this month


  • Finished another book
  • I practiced using my camera in manual mode, rather than automatic. Next time I won’t do that outside so maybe I can feel my fingers when I’m done.
  • I tried working out regularly, and jumped back into things after getting sick.


  • Weekends were packed but we still managed to get ahead on somethings — some suppers in the freezer, and a few batches of muffins and homemade instant oatmeal
  • Other than bundling some cords, and solving the shifting mat issue, the home gym is set up.
  • I’m trying this thing where I make sure breakfast is all cleaned up before I go to work. I know, it’s revolutionary. But I feel it makes a difference, even if its all in my head (especially since no one is home to appreciate it)


  • This month was ALL about family, at least the first half. We had to meet my brother-in-law’s new puppy, have pancakes with my family, and go to an out of town birthday party. We were also slated to help Scott’s other brother move, but they didn’t want our germs and toddlers, so we were let off the hook. Phew!
  • I planned Valentine’s day for Scott and I, which was a first in years. We even found a night to have a date night as well.
  • In came down to having to decide between it and going to a winter festival, but we finally made it to the ice castles, and Charlotte got to meet the “Winter Sisters” (the non-trademarked version of Elsa and Anna from Frozen).


  • Wheels are finally starting to move that will hopefully mean some movement in our organization, so I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how to improve my resume.
  • I’ve become the “knowledge collector” in our department, learning as much as I can about the different things people do.


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3 thoughts on “What are we doing? February

  1. For a short month you did do a lot! Our month was about family quite a bit too, but I was ok with that!

  2. I agree with Beth, you did do a lot! Nice on figuring out manual mode–that’s so tricky. I’ve been trying that as well but still have a ton to learn. I bet being the “knowledge collector” will serve you well–maybe they’ll want to promote you because you’re so knowledgeable about other positions!

  3. Wow, you accomplished a lot of things this month!! I like these “look backs” — may have to adopt something similar for my own blog 🙂

    Also I totally think there’s something to cleaning up before you leave the house. There was a study recently that reported that people who make their beds in the morning are actually happier because (if memory serves) it’s one less thing for the brain to worry about. Mess = stress, so every little bit help. Related: I’m trying not to think of the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for three days. It’s like a nonverbal passive aggressive thing in this apartment to see who gets to them first, I DON’T WANT IT TO BE ME! LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful March, and I love that pic in the ice castles 🙂

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