Currently: In March

Spring is so close, I can almost smell it! Assuming spring smells like a fresh pile of snow, that is. But I’m so glad to welcome March, even though it tends to be a cruel joke in which parts of this hemisphere begin to enter spring, and we are hit with at least one more blizzard. But enough of my complaints about Manitoba weather. This month I am…

Currently in March

…planning: to get more done during the evenings so we can have more fun during the weekends. Right now, it feels like weekends are only a device which we use to stop our life from spinning out of control during the week.

…seeing: hopefully a new laptop in my future. If we don’t get hit too hard when we finally do our taxes, it might just be time to get a new computer. I know I don’t need another Macbook, but I just love how it interfaces with the rest of my Apple universe.

…making: lots of “back to basics” meals. Hamburger soup. Turkey. Turns out toddlers are much more accepting of basics

…pretending: it’s spring with my floral dresses. Thank goodness for fleece lined tights.

…wearing: my baby. She’s going through a big daddy phase and since I’m still adjusting to being away my girl all day nearly every day, so I’m taking it rather rough.

Thanks Anne and Sarah for this month’s Currently link up!


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6 thoughts on “Currently: In March

  1. Oh man I need a new laptop too. The other day mine was acting up and Nate was like, when did we get this? And I said 2012. So it’s like five years old. I don’t need a Macbook either but gosh they make life nice. I should really join you on getting more done on the evenings so weekends can be fun. Lately the weekends are a bunch of errands and chores and then poof it’s Sunday night.

  2. I feel you on that fickle winter/spring transition… but your floral dresses + tights is such a good coping mechanism!

  3. How you described the weekend is so accurate. Great idea to get more things down during the week.

  4. Aww I wish Violet would have let me wear her more. I think it was partly my fault–I just never found a great position or carrier. Also, your comment about spring smelling like a big pile of snow made me laugh. Hang in there, and keep wearing those pretty dresses!

  5. Lauren Becker

    I really need to get some fleece leggings, because I miss wearing dresses. Sigh…


  6. Perfect description of the weekend. Phew.

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