Getting my attitude in shape

Guys, I’ve been GROUCHY this week. Granted, I’ve had a couple rough days, and the time change takes a couple sleeps to get the body regulated, but some days I think my bad mood was feeding my bad mood.

My knees have been grouchy too. It’s not surprising that my already problematic knees would kick up a bit of a fight when they went from a couple-times-a-week sometimes high intensity, sometimes totally focusing on upper body workout routine to one that actually includes a comment make sure to stretch your back because all the jumping done through out the week might be compressing your spine (I’d love to check the science on that, but that’s for another day).

Monday morning, when the alarm clock went off at 4:40 body time, my eyes said no. My brain said no. My knees said no. And when they all agree, I tend to listen to them. So I slept for another hour. And as beautiful as that was, especially since M had been up that night for a block of 2 hours, I kind of regretted it. All day.

I regretted it when my day started with having to explain something to a coworker you never think you’ll have to explain.

I regretted it when my blood boiled when a comment from a coworker definitely crossed the line.

I regretted it when I was removing extraneous staples and they kept flying up and hitting me in the face.

I regretted it when a box of 1200 pencils was misplaced and the office who received it in error didn’t think “gee, if I didn’t order these, should I maybe check to see whose name is on the order requisition?”

I regretted it right up until I remembered at 9:00 at night that I had decided I was going to stretch and foam roll every night before bed.

It turns out that when you’re whinging in pain, you can’t really focus on the bad parts of your day, just the bad parts of your muscles.

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2 thoughts on “Getting my attitude in shape

  1. Man, is it a full moon this week? Sorry you’ve been having a tough time too! Should we start planning our escape to an island with a beach and drinks with little umbrellas in them? I think that would help my attitude. No? Ok, maybe I should try stretching and foam rolling too then.

  2. Laughing at Beth’s comment over here and totally wanting to join in on that! Yeah, for me it’s not working out, but if I sleep longer than I’d planned and don’t have a chance to have a little time to myself before the rush-around-and-get-ready game, than I tend to be a grouch as well. I hope this is a better week!

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