Currently: In January

It’s January! One more month down, one month closer to spring, right? We’ve just survived a terrible cold snap and I’m so over this winter already! But let’s focus on the good things! This month, I am currently…

Currently January

…starting: to figure out the next step. I’ve been back at work long enough to know that I am ready for a bigger challenge but I am not sure what that is. I’ve been contemplating movement within my organization, finding something entirely new, or going back to school. No concrete plans yet, but as I said, starting!

…hoping: to get back to early morning workouts. At least M has decreased her early morning wakings, so before I get too accustomed sleeping in, it would be nice to transition the early morning body alarm into a chance for some me time.

…scheduling: blog posts! I’m enjoying the idea of structure, so while I’ve toyed with editorial calendars in my head, I’m thinking of actually putting pen to paper and see if that keeps me going, rather that my sporadic period of posting followed by periods of forgetting.

… reading: hopefully multiple books. I had done the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge in 2016, and it was the last time I reached a book goal, so when Shea mentioned it, I decided to take a look. I really liked the preamble to the challenge this year — emphasis on quality instead of quantity. Let’s hope I can read 12 books this year, because that is still plenty more than I read this last year.

…playing: dress up with my new clothes. I went on a bit of a spending spree and accidentally ended up with a capsule wardrobe, focusing on jewel tones and different silhouettes than I have been doing. It felt weird to go shopping when I had spent a day weeding through closets and realizing I had more clothes than I had functional space, but my hope is that a more cohesive wardrobe will make it obvious what clothing isn’t earning its keep.

Thank you Anne for another month!

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Currently: In September

Currently September

Linking up with Anne and Jenna again this month!

Reading: Open Secrets by Alice Munro. It’s a beautifully written set of short stories.

Making: Hooded towels for friend’s babies. I don’t have the greatest sewing skills, but I like making things for people that they might actually use. My sister started making hooded towels, and now I’ve started. I like trying to personalize each one, whether it’s a pair of ears for a cat-loving family, or a spikey tail for a dino-loving little boy. It adds some creativity to the project.

Pinning: Recipes for freezer meals, crock pot meals, quick one-pot meals. That’s right, folks, I’m heading back to work soon and life is going to get real busy around here.

Anticipating: Little C turning O-N-E! We’re two weeks away from the official day and she is seeming so much taller and smarter every day.

Loving: These last days with C. I’m trying to soak up every minute. I know she doesn’t tragically disappear from my life when I go back to work, but I’m not always logical when it comes to emotional issues. I can’t wrap my head around a version of my life where she exists AND I work.

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Currently: In August

Creating: Memories. Right now, we’re on our first family vacation. Sure, Scott and I have been on vacation together, but now we’re a real little family.

Wishlisting: All the things I want to do with C in the last few weeks of summer/mat leave. We need to go for more walks, and read more books, and have all the snuggles. I feel like once I go back to work, she doesn’t get to be a baby any more, so I’m trying to soak up all the baby I can.

Hoping: to come up with a good idea for C’s birthday party. I never got the whole “perfectly decorated over the top” first birthday before. I mean, the kid is 1. The kid will not remember it. Oh, but I will. This party is as much for her as for me.

Eating: All kinds of cake. C is still off of eggs until we see the allergist, so trying to come up with a first birthday cake that is edible is taking a lot of experimenting. Ok, I’m not complaining about that 🙂

Watching: Not much that’s new. Netflix hasn’t been very fruitful lately.

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Currently In July

Craving: Sangria. Since I’m generally limited to one drink, and I’m married to a beer or scotch kind of guy, so there isn’t much value in the effort required for sangria. I’m contemplating throwing a party just to justify making some.

Grilling: It’s Canada Day, so we’ll be going traditional with some hot dogs (Ok, all natural chicken dogs in whole wheat buns). Likely grilling some chicken tonight, maybe with some sweet potatoes. Chicken is our go to grilling food.

Listening: Right now, to all the NHL free agent talks. Not by choice. Usually, when it’s just C and I, we tune into the Family Roadtrip station on Spotify (or Songza or whatever internet radio service which offers near identically titled options). It’s peppy, and (obviously) family friendly.

Planning: Our day and upcoming weekend. Yes, it’s almost noon. We had a productive weekend last weekend, so we’re enjoying some relaxing thus far today.

Decorating: Nothing thus far. I do intend to patch some walls today, and maybe coordinate some babysitting to actually get some painting done. Painting is a form of decorating, right?

Thanks to Anne and Jenna for coordinating this!

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Currently: In June

The lovely ladies Anne and Jenna are once again back with the monthly “Currently”. Please stop by their blogs to give them a virtual hug!

Playing: Scott and I enjoy board games, but we enjoy very different types of board games. I’m big into trivia games while he likes more of the role playing. There are few games we agree on and fewer for two players. We were slowly working our way through MarioKart 8 for Wii U, but summer put that on hold. Most of our games these days involve peek-a-boo, or stacking things (oh, and a baby).

Going: To the zoo, whether it rains or not. I don’t know why I think that it has to happen THIS MONTH but I’m slowly realizing that summer always goes too fast, and when fall comes, I’ll be back at work, so I’m trying to savour every moment (while simultaneously filling up all of our time with activities)

Wearing: Oh man, this outfit made me feel so trendy the first time I wore it. I mean, distressed shorts? Gingham shirt? If only I had Birkenstocks! It’s totally no where near as flattering as I thought it was initially (or perhaps things are still shifting post-baby), but any day I wear it, it’s a good day.


Sipping: I’ve been BIG into beer these days. Summer does that to me. Usually, I’m all about the fruit wines in summer, but it’s only been in the last few weeks that C has been sleeping well enough for me to chance an evening libation, so I haven’t been so bold as to crack open a bottle of wine. I appreciate the single serving quality of beer.

Reading: I was reading French Women Don’t Get Facelifts by Mireille Guiliano but my eBook expired and I couldn’t renew it. My reading has tapered off significantly now that C is sleeping better. I’m ok with that. Sure, I could now read in other places than in the rocking chair in her room, but I do appreciate my Kobo always being sandwiched between the seat and the arm on nights when she randomly decides sleeping is for chumps.


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Currently: In May

Designing: My front garden. I am not a big gardener, but after last year’s embarrassment of a garden, I’m tearing out everything I didn’t plant, and don’t love, and doing what I can to make it something I can be proud of.

Enjoying: Crocheting. I was a knitter, but I find crocheting easier to do with a little one in tow. We were gifted a grey crocheted blanket that C loves, so I tracked down the yarn and am making her a second one. It’s a very basic stitch pattern, and I’m finding it a very good way to relax at the end of the day.

Ordering: A screen tent for C. We spend so much time outside that lugging the playpen in and out gets wearisome. I have no problem giving her free run of the backyard, but I like keeping her contained in the front yard. It’s a duck shaped pop up tent.

Celebrating: My first real Mother’s Day. I don’t know if Scott has any plans for us for the day, but we’re having my family over for a barbecue that evening (hoping that the forecast improves!).

Tasting: New recipes. We were in a recipe rut, so now we’re trying lots of new recipes. Tonight we had Gorgonzola hamburgers.

Thanks to Anne (In Residence) and Jenna (Gold + Bloom) for organizing this!

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Currently… In April

Once again Jenna and Anne have set up Currently for another month.

Wearing: I bought an infinity scarf to wear for my nephew’s baby dedication. Actually, I bought two. Can you believe they were my first two? I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since.

IMG_3051Sipping: Earl Grey tea. I love a good Earl Grey tea. Or a bad Earl Grey tea. I’m not very discriminatory.

Wishlisting: There is very little in material terms that I really want right now. I’m not saying my life is perfect, but I’d rather have one more day in the weekend, or a couple more hours (of sleep) a night.

Writing: Le sigh. I used to write, primarily fiction. I stopped once I started university, but started back up from time to time. And then some friends became real writers. Nothing quite makes you feel inadequate as reading something your peers wrote.

Exploring: Adventures in Home Renovations! We started renovating our basement bathroom a almost year ago (uh-huh, we are slow. And we can only partially blame the baby), and we’re getting close to the end. Yesterday morning, my dad helped me patch the floor so I can start laying tile later this week. Last night, the new vanity showed up. Not quite sure how to get all 200 pounds of it into our basement, but it’s fine in the garage for now.

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Currently: In March

It’s apparently March — I know February is a short month, but wow did it fly by this year! Spring is around the corner… but before we get there, here is what I’m up to Currently.

Dreaming: about spending the summer outside. I’ve been working through every summer for a decade, and even when I’ve been so lucky as to have vacations, they’ve always been filled with travel and little relaxation. I’m looking forward to spending my days out on the grass. I’ve never worn a lot of shorts, but I think I have to invest this year.

Planning: to start Charlie on solid food next week. Where did my little baby go?

Making: soups and soft foods. Scott is getting his wisdom teeth out on Friday. I’d take it as a culinary challenge, but I already know that Scott considers anything that has been in a blender or food processor as “previously been chewed”.

Baking: Crazy cake. My brother-in-law and his fiancée came over on Sunday and I took advantage of their pending visit to do some last-minute baking. Of course, I tried a new recipe and decided not to subject them to my attempts, especially since I bought the wrong kind of coconut milk, and couldn’t make the topping the way I had envisioned so I got a little… creative.

Watching: Hockey is on right now (not my choice), but I’ve been watching more Border Security than I wish to admit, and I’m still working my way through Friends.

Thanks Anne and Jenna!

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Currently: February

Hearting: Earl Grey tea. I’ve been trying to eat healthily (see “pinning”) so my “treat” is some tea with a touch of sugar.

Reading: Voraciously! I’ve read more books in 2015 than I have in 2013 & 2014 combined. Yes, it’s only been 4, but for a lapsed reader, it’s HUGE. I’m currently reading Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (if her name sounds familiar, you know her from “The Yellow Wallpaper” that you read in any Women Writers class).

Pinning: Healthy recipes. I finished reading “In Defence of Food” by Michael Pullan which re-sparked my interest in FOOD (not processed edibles). He is big into vegetables and fruit, and while I am in theory, it’s not something I frequently put into practise, or if I do, it’s not something I sustain.

Eating: I whipped up a “Super loaded” baked potato soup on Saturday. Basically, I dumped our produce drawer into a crockpot with some potatoes and chicken stock, and served it with bacon and cheese crumbled on top to entice my not-so-loving-the-veggies-husband to eat it.

Anticipating: Louis Riel Day. Long weekends are sacred now that we’ve got the wee one. Saturdays are usually spent getting what I hoped to accomplish during the week done. Sundays are spent bracing for the coming week. Mondays, when Scott has them off, are days where we actually get to relax.

Thanks again to Jenna and Anne for arranging this!

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Currently in January

I’ve been seeing the “Currently in January” on Beth’s blog for a while. When I saw the January one, I thought “too bad it’s February. I’d like to participate in one of these”. Then, I digested my breakfast and my blood sugar normaled out, and actually looked at the date. Without further ado, my life right now:

Planning: to reboot our daily routine. Christmas threw us off, and we’ve been too busy since then to really settle back into it. I think next Tuesday, it’ll just be Charlie and I at home, all day.

Hoping: Scott shows up at home with a birthday cake. Yesterday was my birthday, and while I did get to enjoy a birthday cake made by my mother and my nephew, I didn’t get leftover cake. A birthday just isn’t a birthday without leftover cake

Baking: Nothing. We’re trying to eat healthily (despite the birthday cake). I do need to find a paleo-friendly recipe to make for a family potluck this coming weekend and that might include baking.

Wearing: Jeans and a hoodie. However, I had a haircut earlier today allowing me an excuse to wear real clothes:

WearingResolving: For my new year’s resolution, see my previous post. For today’s resolution (because some days we just need something to help us get through the day) is to take a deep breath.

Thanks to Anne of In Residence and Jenna of Dearest Love for hosting this!

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