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Inspiration Monday: Anne Hathaway

I saw this picture of Anne Hathaway was on deck for Two BirdsInspiration Monday and thought: “Nope, skipping another week”. I mean, I did just tell you that I was getting rid of my chambray shirt. Plus, denim on denim? I can’t say I’m usually a fan of the Canadian Tuxedo.

But Saturday night I was getting ready for bed trying to figure out what to wear to church (which is literally the only place I go to where getting dressed it worth the effort), and decided to give denim on denim a try. While the gorgeous Anne chose to use brown as her neutral, I went with black. In retrospect I wish I would have used a colour instead of a neutral, since the darker denim of the skirt reads a little black in this picture.

IMG_3695The double denim? I don’t mind it as much as I thought… so long as the two denims are different washes.

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Inspiration Monday – Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of those dashing women that I think is so classy, until I remember the only thing I can remember her being in is Easy A.

Anyway, she looks effortless in this outfit for two birds’ Inspiration Monday. emma-stone-290

I, on the other hand, feel yet again “meh”.  At least I didn’t change out of this until it was saturated in… erm… bodily fluids. Much like my thoughts on Emma Stone, I believe my life to be much more glamorous than it sometimes is. Inspiration Monday - Emma Stone

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