Things I’m Loving Friday

Things I’m Loving Friday #10

Starting this post just a little after 1am because suddenly my child is forgetting that “through the night” means “the best thing ever.” She goes back down fairly easily but me? Not so much.


With anywhere from 35,000 to 100,000 lakes (the Internet is contradictory) in my home province and countless others just across the borders, day trips to the lake happen, apparently, often around here! Last Thursday, we went to St Malo. Friday, Matlock (Lake Winnipeg). Saturday, we drove out to my in-laws cabin at Lake of the Woods. Time disappears when you’re in the water. Plus, seeing a baby fall asleep on a boat is pretty cute.


Starbucks in walking distance

Whatever magic baby hormones that made my knees and hips not hurt and allowed me to ingest caffeine like a normal person have now left my system. I’m back down to being a “one cup a week” coffee drinker. And if I need that one cup, it better be good. Hello Starbucks! I love that the nearest one is in walking distance and located conveniently in our nearest grocery store so I can get bread, apples and Starbucks without having to load and unload the kid 100 times. 

Finding the right paint colour in one try

Ok, I may have picked up a few dozen different shades of grey in that one try but there was clearly a standout colour for our kitchen that goes perfectly with everything… The adjacent rooms, the cupboard and the appliances. It’s not a perfect fit with the flooring but it’s good enough.

C’s Birthday Gift

You remember point one from today? All those beaches? The one thing missing was a wagon. While we know we have to upgrade our car before next summer (we can either fit a tent or a toddler in our car but not both), we are trying to avoid the minivan so we had to be pragmatic in wagon choices. We bought C this collapsible wagon off Amazon and were hesitant since it’s not technically designed for kids. But it arrived and it blew our minds. They thought of every detail, like a self-storing pocket for the canopy, with rails that slide out of the frame, rather than needing to be attached and special little places to lock the handle upright (when fully set up) or down (when collapsed so it’s self standing). The only thing that would have been nice was locks for the all-terrain wheels that don’t feel so nice rolling over toes. 


Oh my goodness, I love that my child naps. Sure, not perfectly, and not all the time, but those times that we get a good nap in, it’s proof there is a deity above looking out for me. While C may have settled relatively easily at 1 last night, a thunderstorm kept me from falling back asleep easily. And once I did fall asleep, the thunder made for terrifying sound effects for nightmares, which naturally lead to me having to walk down the hallway and check to make sure that C hadn’t been shot to death, and that the whole front of my house was not riddled with bullet holes. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. I planned my Starbucks/Grocery trip for right before nap time so I could sit with my coffee and stare mindlessly into a computer screen for at least 5 uninterrupted minutes. It’s totally the highlight of my day.

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Things I’m Loving Friday #9

Guys, it’s raining. My baby woke up in the middle of the night, and then decided morning started almost an hour early. Considering I’ve been getting 9 hours of sleep a night, and still being exhausted, I’m feeling like a zombie right now. Things I’m loving? My bed. Sleep. And I would say coffee, but my miraculous ability to process caffeine seems to have disappeared as quickly as it appeared. But let’s try this.

Double Hammocks

I had a conversation with my sister about the best carrier for her upcoming trip to Disney World. She wanted to try one of my wraps, and I thought she was crazy. I mean, she has a Boba. Four clicks and she’s on her way! After a couple weeks with it, she agreed that a SSC (soft-structured carrier) was the way to go and that yes, people must be crazy who say wovens are better than SSCs. Last night when I had my long wrap back, I decided to try one of the most popular back carries, the double hammock. Yup, that carry is precisely why people say wraps are better than SSCs. Even with a messy, poorly tightened wrap job, it was the most comfortable C has ever felt on my back. 20947916161_071f0db6fa_zThose First Steps

As much time as C spends on my back, she does get quite the amount of free wandering time and that paid off earlier this week. While she refuses to replicate it, C took her first 3 steps going from my arms to Scott’s. While not as heartmelting as the first smile, or the first words, it was pretty epic.

President’s Choice Organics Baby Food Pack

I like to make most of C’s food to make sure what she’s eating is going to do more good than bad, in terms of her allergies, her overall health, and my bank account. That being said, she’s also at that stage where she’s starting to get picky about what she eats, particularly as teeth decide to come in. There is nothing worse than going on a picnic and having her suddenly decide that she is no longer a fan of peas, won’t look twice at that potato and heaven forbid you offer her chicken. I keep a food pack in the diaper bag at all times and will throw an extra in the cooler “just in case”. Most times, we don’t need it but there have been times when it’s come in handy.


Remember how I just complained that I couldn’t ingest caffeine? I suppose more specifically, I can’t ingest coffee without getting the jitters.  Coke is my only saving grace right now. I know, it’s terrible for me and it’s more likely the sugar giving my body the push it needs to get through the day, but I’ve been trying to only drink it as necessary.


I have a rule: I can’t go up to a cabin or out on a camping trip without Twizzlers. Despite being a beach yesterday (St. Malo) and a beach today (Matlock), we are going up to the cabin for the weekend and I’ve already stocked up on Twizzlers.

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Things I’m loving Friday #8

I had to ask Scott this morning what day of the week it was when he left. It’s been a busy busy week after a busy busy weekend.

Chimparoo Trek

Eight weeks in and I fear I’m repeating myself with some babywearing type entry but this carrier saved my butt on Monday. We have stroller fitness Mondays but after the weekend we had with Scott’s brother’s wedding C and I were tired and grouchy when we showed up at the park. Twenty minutes in and C had enough of the stroller so she went up on my back in the Trek and soon was giggling like crazy being a part of my (modified) workout.

IMG_4174Fluffy-ish Vegan-ish Cupcakes

We’re three weeks from C’s birthday and still on the “no egg” diet so I’ve been taking advantage of other people’s birthdays to test cake recipes. While most vegan cakes are still delicious, they are usually very dense and I like my cakes fluffy. And you know what makes cakes fluffy? Egg. But finally, this is the closest recipe I’ve found! (But I totally use butter and milk instead of vegan alternatives)

New Cellphone

Despite having decided that I wasn’t getting a new phone until October when the iPhone 6 would drop in price, I had to scramble after my iPhone 4S dropped into the sink. A very long, expensive trip to the phone store later, I have a much more reliable phone. The only problem (besides the credit card bill I racked up there) is that the screen on the 6 (not even the 6 Plus) is too big for my little hands.


C and I could eat a pint between ourselves in mere minutes if we didn’t have that whole “eat a balanced meal” thing to deal with. I think every time we set foot in the grocery store, we come home with another clamshell of them.

This Outfit

C received this as a gift from her great-aunt and uncle, and I’m so excited she’s finally big enough for it. It’s kind of scary to think that in 3 weeks, I’m going to have to switch from planning cute outfits for her, to professional outfits for me. I’ve checked out of fashion for the last 12+ months. I have no idea what’s in style for anyone over the age of 3! Do you think they make this in my size?

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Things I’m Loving Friday #7

We are packing up… again… this weekend. This time, we’re just gone for a couple days for Scott’s brother’s wedding. If you ignore the fact it will be 37C/99F on Friday, feeling like 43C/109F as we set up for the wedding, and only slightly cooler on Saturday for the outdoor ceremony; the fact I don’t have an itemized itinerary for my control freak ways; the fear of having C stay overnight in a hotel (with people on the other side of the wall to hear her scream) for the first time, I’m looking forward to it. But it was a busy week after coming back from holidays and then gearing up for this… plus my mother’s birthday… plus all the usual stuff!

Playing with the “big kids”

My sister asked me to come over to help her get ready for our mom’s birthday barbecue, but I ended up just playing with her kids. It’d been a while since I actually got down and played right with them for longer than just one of C’s naps. Hopefully that meant they were out of her hair?


C and I have a new game every week it seems. The other week, she was BIG into hide and seek (she would crawl to a corner, and then check to see if I followed her). This week, we’ve been working on “above” and “below,” with games where I pretend I’m an animal jumping whenever she goes into the playpen, or she’s in her crib after her nap. She giggles so hard she falls down.


My mom’s birthday was this week. My dad’s is next week. Scott’s is the following week. C’s is less than a month after that. I could either spend the entire remainder of my mat leave at the mall, or order presents from my phone as I hold a sleeping baby.

Sling Rings

Some days the only way to get cuddles from C is to tie her to me. I grabbed some sling rings to try with my woven wraps and discovered that while they are more convenient to use than slip knots, they are also fabulous for entertaining C. Chew toys? Musical instruments? Throwing rings? No end of amusement for her.

Short Weeks

C is definitely enamoured with her daddy, and he’s not half bad in my books either. She and I have really hit our stride being just the two of us 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, but life is so much more fun when we’re all together.

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Things I’m Loving Friday #6 Vacation Edition

We just arrived home and are sort of-kind of-not really unpacked, but it’s a great time to reflect on what I loved about this week away

The First Perfectly Roasted Marshmellow

No marshmellow is better than that first one that you patiently sit and rotate over the perfect spot.

The Perfect Excuse for Buying Coffee AND Ice Cream every day

I’m not so masochistic as to try on the dress I need to wear in a week after that, though. A few days of running and I’ll be moe brave, but it was definitely worth the deliciousness to treat ourselves. And it wasn’t every day. But it was close 🙂

Napping on the go

Putting C down for naps has been a chore, since she’s starting to work her way to one nap, so any time we could try to get her to nap in the car or the stroller, we went for it. They weren’t the longest naps, nor did they happen with the same regularity as we had hoped (like how she refused to nap in a carrier for the first three days, and then on the fourth when we wanted her to stay awake for just another 5 minutes, of course she fell asleep in it).

Going to bed whenever you feel like it

8:55, baby is asleep. 9:05, I’m asleep. #noregrets


Ok, the ice cream could fall under this one too, but we have PLENTY of traditions to uphold every time we go camping, especially since we’ve been camping at the same place for pretty much my entire life. Sure, Scott, C and I wussed out this year and rented a cabin, but we still tried to uphold as many traditions as we could, such as singing “Going Camping” from the Muppets’ Rocky Mountain Holiday as we start our vacation, walking down the pier (even if we had to do it in the rain on the last full day), and going through all the little shops in town. Ok, I try to uphold these traditions, and Scott tries to put up with me.

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Things I’m Loving Friday #5


I love the idea of going for a run. I love the bragging rights of having gone for a run. And you know what? I don’t even mind the run itself. I’m lucky that my little C tolerates going into her stroller for runs. It’s pretty cute: she sings to herself. Plus, we make post-run smoothies


Growing hair out is not fun, and while I nearly said: “Chop it off”, I’ve got a hairdresser that knows when to talk me out of something. Sometimes a little trim (and some fun with a straightening iron) is all you need.

Fun Pack Cereal

There is nothing that says camping to me like mini cereal boxes. While we aren’t camping (we rented a cabin just a few kilometers from where my parents are camping), I still had to buy some for our upcoming vacation.

8 Hours of Continuous Sleep

We still have our sleep challenges (like a child who thinks one nap is sufficient, but whose body definitely needs two), but we’ve had a string of solid nights. I’ve never felt more tired in my life (possibly because I’m not fueling my body with caffeine and adrenaline) but it feels like we’re doing something right

That 70s Show

I forgot that it was on Netflix, and so I’m reliving the joy that is the first season.

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Things I Love Friday #3

internet Friends

This week, I’ve been emailing, tweeting and Facebooking with friends I have never met in person. While I am working on rebuilding friendships with people I know in real life (those tend to suffer when you have a kid, and I definitely let those fall off), it’s been great having online communities who can be there when I’m trapped under a sleeping baby with only a phone to entertain me.

Baby Bonnets

C won’t keep a hat on her head, but for some reason, she’ll keep a bonnet on her head. Plus, a baby in a bonnet? Too cute. I bought this one at Carter’s and plan on adding some fabric flowers to spiff it up for her uncle’s wedding in a couple weeks.


I got a nasty nasty sunburn on my back the other day, because it’s not so easy to slather sunscreen on your own back (I even have what my sister calls “lonely man tan”: the tell-tale single hand print of sunscreen on the back). Fortunately, Scott has been willing to slather lotion on me to help heal before and after work. I’m loving the “24 hour moisture” of Aveeno’s Skin Relief lotion. It’s only about an hour before he gets home that I start to feel crunchy again.

Behr Mystic Light Paint

Is it grey? Blue? Purple? Green? Exactly. It’s whatever you need it to be. It’s the perfect colour when you want to buy one 5 gallon pail and paint the whole house. (FYI – not my house below)

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.32.00 PMThe Beach at Birds’ Hill Park

I’d never been to this beach, but apparently it had a make over last year. Sure, there is something odd about a man made lake, but as a mom of a little one, I love clear water, gradually sloping lakes and soft sand. (Picture thieved from my mother)

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Things I’m Loving Friday #3


Our anniversary was the 8th, a Wednesday, during a really busy work week for Scott. Instead of doing something that evening, we dropped the wee one off at my parents on Saturday to have some brunch and stroll through some shops. Every anniversary should include waffles with jam.


Baby Carriers

I sold my Ergo for a better fitting carrier — the Chimparoo Trek (and made in Canada!) this week, but the true hero of the week is my ring sling. We are struggling a bit with sleep, particularly the afternoon nap. We got home from a playdate a bit late one day, and a nap just wasn’t going to happen.  Usually, a walk in the stroller does the trick, but with the insane heat and humidity, I wasn’t endangering our health that day. Instead, I put her in the sling, and slowly walked on the treadmill for a mile. Worked like a charm!IMG_4062


My parents bought little C “If I were a monkey” when she was still very small because we called her our monkey. For Easter, she got “If I were a bunny”. We bought Miss C a JellyCat bear and when that became a favourite, we bought her a giraffe this week as an “alternate” friend.

Contigo Fit Water Bottle

I’ve been using Contigo travel mugs for water for years, but the water bottles I just recently bought. You’d think “same premise, same result” but the water stays cooler for so much longer. Very necessary with the hot week we’re having.

Fridays. In General.

This kind of feels like a cop out, but this week has been long and short and confusing. I’ve never known what day it is, so every time I realize today is Friday, it’s exciting all over again. Yes, sometimes it takes very little to entertain me 🙂

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Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Phew, I need this post. This week hasn’t been rough. Just the last 12 hours. I need this dose of positivity.

Silver Linings

We have an annual brunch date with a friend from out of town. This year, he had to cancel at the last minute. Fortunately, we had just enough time to pack our bags and head out to my in-laws cabin. I love the drive out there, watching the landscape shift from prairie to Canadian Shield. It’s surreal that within the course of two hours, you can go from land so flat you can see for miles and mile, to driving a road cut out of the rock that stretches toward the sky on either side of you.

Fresh Fruit

We went strawberry picking on Wednesday, and then my poor strawberries sat in my hot car for the afternoon, making them a little, erm, squishier than is ideal for longevity. That meant Thursday had to be a big baking day. Bring on the strawberry rhubarb pie!


As I said, the last 12 hours has been rough. And it even included 7 continuous hours of sleep. Someone decided they didn’t need a second nap yesterday, which meant they were too exhausted to sleep last night. After 25 minute intervals of sleep from early bedtime until 9, someone decided it was just time to get up and play. So we tried everything. I rocked her. I walked her. I even talked to her (because at 11pm, you think you can reason with an almost 10 month old). Everything was interspersed with lullabies. No idea if they helped or harmed her attempts to stay awake last night, but they kept my sanity. While we rotate through a number of lullabies through the week, “If you can’t sleep” by She & Him is the lullaby I chose for C to be “her lullaby” before she was born. It doesn’t always prove to be effective on her, but it is on me 🙂

Caramel Ribbons Frappuccino

I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Trust me, that makes being a good, attentive, patient and alert mom very hard. Coffee and I have had a tenuous relationship, making me more jittery than alert, and randomly making my heart race somewhat uncontrollably.  But I recognize that sometimes jittery is better than grumpy and a racing heart makes it impossible to accidentally fall asleep. Thus, I recognize it’s desirableness to any parent. I tend to use coffee as a motivator in a different sense. When the day gets off to a bad start, I keep telling myself: “If it’s still a bad day by such and such a time, we will go for a walk and I’ll treat myself to a frappuccino”.  About 90% of the time, we get busy and I don’t get my frap, but it’s always nice to have that option and I think that is what calms me down enough to get through the day.

Me Time

While evenings have been a struggle with Miss C, once she goes down for a nap during the day, she’s been staying down for at least 45 minutes. That is HUGE considering there was a time not that long ago when 30 minutes was a long nap. While I know there is a never ending list of things I should do while she naps, I haven’t been so great at putting myself on that list, and if the tiny meltdown I had after stepping in a puddle of water from a leaking sippy cup when I was try to unload the dishwasher this morning is any indication, I need to look after me. While it isn’t a caramel ribbon frap, I’ve made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my daughter’s fluffiest blanket, and am curled up on the couch. There are worse ways to spend a Friday morning

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Things I’m Loving Friday #1

I’ve been wanting to blog more but struggling with what to write about. Since I’ve enjoyed the organized/scheduled nature of the monthly “Currently” posts, I thought I’d jump on another blogging bandwagon. While there is no official link up that I’m aware of, many blogs I follow do a “Things I’m Loving Friday” (or Things I’m Grateful For Friday). And really, it’s nice to end the week on a note of positivity

Babies in Rompers

Oh my goodness, rompers are where it’s at this summer in baby fashion, as far as I’m concerned. C is sporting a lovely handmade one from a friend of mine today (see pics on my Instagram), and we’ve got 3 or 4 others in constant rotation. It’s too much effort to throw her in a onesie and a pair of shorts, and it’s too difficult for her to crawl around in a dress. Plus, one of my favourites has strawberries on the bum, and I love watching it wiggle as she crawls around.

(Not) Spicy Chicken (Marinade)

We totally forgot that we were going to make something a little more time consuming for supper on Canada Day, since we had the day off. Instead, we were searching for a quick marinade recipe. Despite it being adapted from a fried chicken recipe, it turns out AMAZING. So amazing, all I want to do is eat chicken all day every day. It’s definitely not spicy though.


After getting way off of our routine, we’re back into the groove. Wake up. Say goodbye to Scott. Play. Eat breakfast. Clean kitchen. Get dressed. Clean room. Water planters. Read books. Everything goes smoothly until nap time, which has been a struggle lately. But starting the day with a strong routine and having the kitchen and C’s bedroom cleaned means I’m more patient with our little sleep fighter. Between having C wrapped on my back for water plants, and then the quiet reading has been helping so I think she likes routine too.

My “vegetable” garden

We are the only house without a dog pretty much on the block. That means the neighbourhood rabbits like to visit us. While I had a huge dream of a large vegetable garden (self weeding, of course, since this is a dream), my vegetables grow in planters. I don’t grow a lot (I don’t so much have the family green thumb gene), but I LOVE how this one looks. It’s leaks, basil and strawberries. It’s the one that motivates me to make sure it’s well watered, and so the other not-quite-as-visually-thrilling ones get watered too.

IMG_3907Eating The Rainbow

I don’t know when I first heard about the whole “Eat the Rainbow” campaign, but it has made planning C’s meals a lot easier and ensures she’s getting a good variety of food. We managed to get three colours out of the way at breakfast alone today! (Egg-free Banana blueberry pancakes with a side of watermelon chunks).

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